Top 5 musts to look HOT on your wedding day

Top 5 musts to look HOT on your wedding day

Top 5 musts to look HOT: Wedding Day Fashion 

Living in the tri-state area, we know that you have to be on your A-Game because New York, New Jersey, Connecticut weddings just rock!! Out with the old, in the with new! 2017 is filled with so many new fashion musts that will get you excited for any NJ wedding whether you’re attending as the bride, groom, or just there as a guest. We kept it short and sweet, here’s our top 5. Enjoy!!

Bridal Gowns

There have been many new styles of wedding day gowns out in the fashion world this season. Whether you’re more of a timeless bride or a modern bride there so many different styles that will make you feel nothing less than gorgeous on your special day. Fabrics that are stylish at the moment are satin and lace. Both usually have tremendous beading and detail that look fabulous. If you’re more of a casual bride a ballroom gown might be the best choice for you. What is very trendy now is a long style sleeveless gown that has a gorgeous V-neck that will go perfectly in the summer time. Whatever type suits your personality you will sure to look gorgeous in from to head to toe. All eyes will be on you so it is important to look your best. We’ve also got you covered with some awesome info on the latest in spring style dresses. 

Bouquet Styles

When thinking about flowers and what to order from your florist, the traditional white flowers are not as popular as they use to be. Many brides are holding their bouquets that are filled with more bright colors that don’t exactly match the traditional white wedding dress. This gives more of a pop to the whole look of the bride. Hot pinks/purples and light blues are great colors to use during the spring and summer months for that warm weather wedding. If having a greenery style wedding, using green draping leaves might be the perfect look for this occasion.

Bridal Hairstyles & Accessories

The Up-Do: This look is very elegant and classy that will show off that pretty face of yours. This hairstyle will work well with all hair types whether it be short or long. A great accessory that goes well with this hairstyle is a nice printed flowered headband or a white copper headband that will compliment that white wedding dress more than perfectly!

The Down-Do: Another effortless look that is making fashion headlines is the deep side part, curling your hair into loose waves or curls and arranging them to the side. It’s a good way to showing off that sexy neckline while showing off a little bit of skin at the same time. Those brides and bridesmaids with long hair will look more than glamorous displaying those luxurious locks of curls whether you wear it to the side, to the front or just up in a high ponytail its bond to look more than beautiful!

A sleek lace veil will look awesome with the Up-Do or the Down-Do that will give your whole attire that extra touch.

Groom Fashion Trends

There have been many new trends that have been emerging in the wedding scene for grooms. A popular color this season has been light grays for tuxes that look very sleek and classy. This style goes well for spring and summer weddings. Say yes to the tux!! 

Even though, this is not an original tradition, this color will defiantly show off your new style that everyone will love. Navy blues are also another popular color for wedding and will go very well during fall and winter weddings. To take it to the next level try rocking it with a floral tie and brown leather boots. If taking a more traditional look such as a black tux the groom can stand out more by accessorizing the tux with a white bow tie. This is a very unique style that everyone will notice since it is very different than wearing the traditional daily tie. 

New Makeup Styles

If you’re the bride or the maid of honor there are many new makeup styles that are sure to make you look like the top fashionista. We also put together a 12 month plan for the bride or groom to beautify their skin. Follow our 12 month process and you’re guaranteed to look extra hot on your wedding day!! 

  • The Natural Look: Many brides this season love the natural style that makes the skin look absolutely flawless. This type of style is never too much and some may even think that you got that natural pretty look without a lot of use of makeup. A light pink lip color will look extra elegant with this type of face makeup.


  • The Cheekbones and Highlights: Makeup that focuses on the cheekbones looks more than beautiful on any girl. Your face will look so magnificent! Contouring is a new makeup routine professionals are using to highlight all those areas of your face to convey all your best features, can hide fine lines, can lift those high cheekbones, and can completely change the shape of your face to look better than ever. 
  • Fake Lashes: Probably the biggest trend this year, and every year, false lashes, ladies are getting their lashes done almost every week and are not relying on mascara anymore. Having fake lashes gives your eye more of a pop look and the longer the lashes the more you can see one’s beautiful eye color. Your partner won’t be able to stop staring into your eyes.
  • The Dramatic Look: If you’re not known to be a casual person and like to stand out more in a crowd the dramatic look is defiantly the right choice for you. Glitter eye shadow is a great dramatic look that will make everyone notice that beautiful eye makeup. Using a bright red lip color will give you and even more dramatic look that are sure to spice things up a little.


All of these new fashion trends will go very well with any wedding or gathering this year. So live it up and express yourself in the best way you know how. Have fun, take risks and consider our new fashion trends advice. Don’t be shy, show off all your beautiful assets this year.  All your guests will be turning their heads just to see how truly beautiful and fabulous you really are!



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