The 12 month, super beautified, beauty timeline

The 12 month, super beautified, beauty timeline

The 12 month, super beautified, beauty timeline

Easy secrets to look stunning on your wedding day.

Ever thought about having a timeline so that you can plan out times of what to do when thinking about how to look super amazing on your wedding day?  Having a timeline will ensure that you will look your best and have time for everything that you need to get done.  Check out this timeline to use for 12 months prior to your wedding!

9-12 Months before wedding:

  • Make a budget on how much you plan on spending on beauty supplies. This also includes facials, spas, nails, tanning, makeup trials, anything that you plan on doing prior to your wedding day.  Everything will start to add up and you have to make sure that you have enough in your budget for prior beauty services you will need for the BIG day!
  • Make a vision board or start a beauty binder to add pictures and notes to remember. This could be pictures of certain hair styles that you liked from Pinterest or even a product that you saw in a store that you want to have your makeup stylist use on you for your event. This will bring inspiration for how you want to look for your wedding and you can scramble through all that you have gathered to make your beauty decisions. Scheduling a trial will allow you to test a couple of your favorite looks and pick 1 for your special day.
  • Gather information on different places and services in the area to obtain the best pricing. If you wait last minute, you will have no time to try to book a great service for a good price.  Requesting a price list will also narrow your options and will give you time to find another place/person. But always keep in mind, with makeup; the cheapest isn’t always the best!
  • Thinking about getting a new hairstyle or color is now the time to, because if you don’t like it, you will have the time to change it if needed. Getting a new drastic cut or style close to your wedding is not a good idea. What happens if you don’t like it?  Getting it done this early on is most ideal. 

6-9 Months before wedding:

  • Find places in the area that do bridal makeup or bridal services and schedule a couple appointments. This could be at a salon, a private person who does services, or artist in the area. Check out for our in house makeup artists.
  • If you are choosing to do your own makeup and beauty looks, start looking at tutorials on YouTube or pictures off of Pinterest that you may have added onto your beauty binder. Start to play around with different colors and techniques that you found other people try. This way, you won’t freak out and not know what to do when the day comes and will know what works best on your skin. We definitely suggest leaving this part to the pros though, it’s your big day—get glammed up!!

4-6 Months before wedding:

  • Schedule the actual hair and makeup appointments for your wedding day and plan out what time you want it to be done. Keep into consideration having extra time after to do other things that may come to mind and to have extra time to not stress yourself out. If possible, bring any accessories you plan on wearing on the big day. Veils, crystals or gems can be placed after hair and makeup is done so that you can see the full look!
  • Speak to a dermatologist if you need to talk about products or treatments to help your skin.
  • Test any skin or body treatments that you have bought to make sure that your body does not have a bad reaction.
  • Communicate with a brow specialist if you are growing out your eyebrows or if they need to be reshaped.

1 Month before wedding:

  • Go to your hair salon and get a trim so that your hair is perfectly touched up and no one will see any split ends in your pictures.
  • Schedule an appointment for a teeth whitening treatment or start them yourself if you decided to buy it instead of having a professional do it for you. That can get very expensive!

2 weeks before:

  • If your hair is colored, touch up your roots
  • Give the team that is coming to help make you beautiful directions to where you are getting ready. Make sure that it is clearly given to them so that they do not have an issue and waste time or become crazy fashionably late, which would take time away from you getting ready.
  • Make a list of the time each person on your beauty team is supposed to arrive to help you. Make sure you have their contact information!
  • Schedule an appointment for manicures and pedicures.

1 week before:

  • Confirm all of your appointments!!
  • Get waxed…
  • Ask a bridesmaid to bring any accessories. This pertains to bobby pins, hair clips, lipstick, or any extras that you might need.
  • Start to prepare a bag with items that you need for your wedding day
  • To maximize skin glow and the best you can look, get your last minute LIGHT facial – nothing too harsh that will mark your skin or cause breakouts, hair condition, spray tan or any other last minute beauty tricks.

The Wedding Day:

  • Shower and make sure your body and hair are completely cleansed and prepped for the big day!
  • Sit back, relax and let the professionals handle your beauty services!


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