Spring Stylin’ Dresses

Spring Stylin’ Dresses

Spring Stylin’ Dresses

Think pink:

Dresses with Pastels and slight tints of color will make your dress pop and make you

stand out from any other bride look you may place your eyes on. Recently, pink is the

new white and it is not typical to change up the color of your wedding dress. Having any

shade of pink, floral pink, or ombre on your wedding dress is this seasons new top pick

for an eye-catching look. You will definitely be the first one noticed throughout your

whole wedding with wearing this trend!

Deep Plunge:

Instead of having an open back dress, this year, the open front deep plunge around the

neckline is hot and fabulous for the spring season. Cleavage is becoming a popular hit

for a sexy romantic look. Also, it makes your torso look thinner and narrows your sides. https://wikispouse.com/

You can throw on a necklace that is choker-like to blend in with your dress, but not take

away from it. It is fun to show off more skin and feel extremely feminine.

Off the shoulder:

Strapless wedding dresses were always the most popular spring trend, but now it is in

competition to still have that spot. Off the shoulder dresses started to top off strapless

dresses whether the dress has cutouts or a low neckline; if it also is off the shoulder it is

very trendy. The rad thing about this look is that you can have another type of style of

your choice on your neckline and also have it off the shoulders to add extra pizzazz. This

has been a look on and off since the 1800’s, but now it is hotter than ever to show off

your shoulders.

Coachella Brides:

Based off of the free-spirited festival in California that we all dreamed of attending has

now has turned into a popular wedding dress design. To complete this look, Coachella

dresses typically tend to have the following added onto their dresses: bohemian flare,

crotchet lace, sheer sleeves, seductive slits and silk tassel ties. This look is more laid back

and chill as opposed to modern and old school dresses.

Caped tops:

Something more unique than a veil or train is adding a caped top to your dress. This

piece looks mysterious and adds a drama effect to your wedding dress. You can throw it

on for the ceremony or even for if it gets a little chilly when the sun goes down. This is

not just for a style on your dress, but it is also used for brides who want a modest layer

for religious purposes and then they can take it off for the reception. The dress of your

choice may not be appropriate enough for the ceremony so adding a caped top is helpful

and a stylish way to keep conservative.


Spring coming means tons of petals and flowers so why not choose a dress to

correspond to the season? Whether you are sticking to the classic white dress or going

with pink is the new white, having a floral pattern on your dress will make you pop even

more. Floral designs also have 3-D texture to look more noticeable and having others get

a feel of warm days.

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