Say Yes To The…

Say Yes To The…

Say yes to the dress…Well how about the tux or suit?

We all know that brides love their wedding dresses!  But the groom should be comfortable with his choice as well and it all depends on the whole picture and factors involved. You need to visualize how the outfits will look together and how they will look in pictures. If the bride is very formal and the groom is wearing khakis, then the look is totally thrown off!

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Fancy suits are in competition with tuxedos as options for grooms to choose from these days.  However, the final choice should depend also on the whole picture such as the brides dress, venue, bridal party, time of day and flowers.  It has to all fit together.  

Formal wear/tux:  First, you need to know the key features of a tuxedo. A tux has satin accents and a suit does not.  The satin is seen on the lapels, buttons, lining, and a satin strip down the leg makes it a more formal option.  The tux can come with a cummerbund or vest.

If the bride is wearing a formal gown and train then the groom needs to be just as formal. However, he can find many ways to personalize his style starting with socks. He can wear crazy socks, or even a colorful tie. Always keep in mind that it should all connect with the wedding style or venue style which is meant to be upscale. Also, tuxedos are traditionally supposed to be worn in the evening.

Informal wear/suit:  If the bride is wearing an informal gown (little or no train) then a suit would be a great idea depending on the setting and how formal you want to make it. Today’s fashion trends bring the suit out of the office and into a more formal setting such as a wedding. The groom who chooses this way to dress down makes it more casual.  In order to decide if this is appropriate you can look at the time of day the groom will get married and the venue.  Even though other guests will be wearing suits, there are times like a Sunday afternoon wedding where a 3 piece suit is more appropriate.  A suit may have a vest or suspenders. Furthermore, a suit is less expensive to buy then a tux and if renting a tuxedo starts at a lower price than a suit.

Suit/Tux:  A combination of both above!

This suit/tux is a new option and a compromise when the bride and groom can’t decide.  This suit/tux has statin on the lapels and cloth buttons.  It comes in black, heather gray, and slate

Use this checklist of 5 main points to guide you when deciding:

  1. Does the suit or tux fit the formality?
  2. Does his formal attire coordinate with yours?
  3. Does he look better in a suit or tux depending on his body type and fit?
  4. Does the look work with the bridal party look, flowers, and venue?
  5. Does he have a way or look that sets him apart?


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