Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2022

top wedding trends 2022

Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2022

Top Wedding Trends for 2022

It’s officially 2022 and now is the time to search the top wedding trends for 2022. 

Did you know that 2022 is estimated to have over 2.6 million American weddings? This means that couples are now searching for the top wedding trends that will separate their wedding from the 100s of others. 2022 will have the most receptions since 1984 so we have to think of something different!!

Having entertained literally 1000s of weddings, we’ve never quite seen such a drastic change in the trends below. We will spare you of the obvious items like indoor sparklers or dance on clouds or even live saxophonists or percussionists. (We mentioned those back in 2012 lol) We’ll present you the things we know you might be thinking about but not sure if they’re appropriate or if other couples are doing the same. 

Without much delay, here is the  top wedding trends  for 2022 cheat sheet from Mystical Entertainment Group – the only company to turn your wedding into an all out party!

1. 360 Booth Rentals

360 booth rentals top the list of our top wedding trends for 2022. Thanks to the great social media content from 360 booths, you can be sure to find it on most wedding trends 2022 lists for sure.  Customizable overlays will give your guests amazing videos with cool effects. Make sure to get this from a reputable company, lighting is crucial and if it’s not done right, you might as well run in circles with your iPhone. 

top wedding trends 2022

2. Ditch the Garter and Bouquet

Many couples looking to wed in 2022 say they will toss the tradition away. In fact, in 2021, only 10% of our couples actually went with it!!  Not only does it seem old-aged, but it also interrupts the dancing. In the past, ladies were scared to be spinsters and awaited the bouquet toss at a wedding. Nowadays, couples and guests look forward to cocktail hour, toasts, and dancing. Some couples aren’t tossing it altogether and opting just for the bouquet toss. 

3. 5-hour Receptions

Ideally, there’d be no end time to any reception; Most last about 5 hours in total, including the cocktail hour. Since 4 hour receptions tend to fly by, many couples are opting for that 5th hour so they can….(getting the theme yet?) party more!! (See photo below to see how we do…wink wink)

wedding trends entertainment influenced

4. Bridal Party Entrance, Football team style

Many couples are buying into a football team style entrance. Oftentimes, the ladies and fellas have something excting up their sleeves for a collective entrance. Additionally, when the bridal party enters the reception together, there is no awkwardness between the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

5.  Cut the Cake, pun intended

Ditching the wedding staple – cake – and going for an option you like is becoming the norm. Most couples are opting to cut the cake off to the side without stopping the party. This trend seems like it will be here to stay since first, it tends to make couples feel awkward feeding each other in front of all their guests and 2, why stop the party to begin with?! 

6.  Kim Kardashian Style Glam Booth

A wedding glam booth is not enough unless it is Kim K-inspired. At least that’s what most couples think. The popular ‘Glam Booth’ gives you a picture-perfect, black and white photo with zero flaws. Your guests will love the resolution and natural-like appearance of the images.

kardashian glam booth

7.  Having Friends Officiate the Ceremony

With less traditional church weddings happening, couples choose to keep the ceremony personalized by having their friends officiate. The cost of hiring an officiant also goes for a whopping $850 + in New Jersey so forking out the $75 bucks to have your friend officiate makes pretty good sense no? A penny saved is a penny earned!!

8.  Non-traditional Ceremony Music

The critical aspects of a wedding are wine, food, and music. When selecting non-traditional ceremony music, you can add a personal touch and really show your guests who you are, musically, as a couple. Songs like Canon in D and the Wedding march are rarely used and artists such as the Piano guys, Vitamin String Quartet or Brooklyn Duo have taken the wedding industry by storm. You tend to get the classical feel of a violin or cello with a modern touch of artists like Bruno Mars or Lady Gaga.

9.  Live Wedding Paintings

Like many of these trends, social media has a huge impact on what will be next. The live wedding painters are the epitomy of a personalized touch and will definitely be a conversation piece for guests at your home for years to come. 

10. Food Trucks/Stations

Finally, consider hiring a food truck because you will not regret it. When all the drinking and dancing is done, your guests will appreciate some tacos, pizza slices, quesadillas, or taylor ham (its not pork roll dammit) sandwiches as they exit. Plus, it is an affordable way to offer your guests a unique catering menu.


It is no doubt that couples in the New York/New Jersey metro area are all about have a unique wedding. Most couples are now abandoning most traditional wedding trends and adding a personalized and intimate touch to their ceremonies and receptions. 

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