The All New Glam LED Photobooth

Hottest photobooth rental in NY and NJ

Meet the Salsa Photobooth. Glam, filters, social sharing, live galleries, air dropping, you name it, it does it!! Jam packed with amazing technology, this booth might be compact in size but robust in amazing features. The founder at Mystical Entertainment Group absolutely loves technology and this was an absolute must to add to our stable of amazing photobooth rentals. Offering the same amazing photobooth strip designs and amazing backdrops, you have two options with this booth-Digital only or traditional prints. 

glam photo booth rental

Digital Photobooth Rental Option

With this option, GIFs, boomerangs, filters, digital props converge to offer you instant sharing capabilities through various channels. You can email, airdrop, text, scan a QR code or just post right to social media. For the corporate events, we can design a custom gallery that users can visit to access the gallery and additional information about your company and your offerings. Up to date statistics are available and data capture to contact them after your event are standard features to help with your marketing strategies. 

Kim Kardashian Glam in Black and White

Atop our wedding trends for 2022 article, this is literally the hottest trend. The best part? Only this specific booth does it! Yes other booths can do the black and white but this photobooth’s proprietary software enables us to add a “GLAM” feature that offers facial smoothing. Yea, this booth is that cool!! 


kardashian glam booth

Gifs and Boomerangs

Need we say more?



Traditional 2×6 and 4×6 Photobooth Print Option

Don’t you worry child, she prints too!! Our in-house graphic designers can cook up something beautiful for your guests to take home and hang on their refrigerators. You can pick from our various templates or go with a custom option to match your event’s theme. The best part, you’ll have a gallery the same night of your event so you can review all the craziness that went down at the booth. Hi-resolution pictures and videos are all uploaded directly to your event gallery and available to download the same night. 

Virtual Photobooth Option

Yes yes we know, what doesn’t this booth do!? If a guest is not able to attend and you’d like them to be a part of your special event, we now have a virtual option available!! You can send them the link to your event and they can use their smart phone to snap a selfie and be a part of your big day. They obviously won’t receive a print but if you’d like us to print one so you can send it to them with your thank you cards, consider it done. 

Fully Customizable Photobooth Wraps Available