The all-time greatest modern wedding ceremony playlist masterpiece

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The all-time greatest modern wedding ceremony playlist masterpiece

The All-time Greatest modern wedding ceremony music playlist

So you’re getting married. Little did you the ridiculous amount of stuff that needs to be planned. The smallest most intricate details and you have no idea where to start. Naturally, you Google search: Top Wedding Ceremony Songs.  As you go through this list it’s like you’re in a time warp and this stuff isn’t even close to relevant anymore. I mean seriously all classical music…like when’s the last time you listened to any of that? Luckily, with the emergence of Youtube, we now have a plethora of amazing talent that is making “classical” renditions of lots of top 40 songs we all love so much. You can now have that classical feel with a modern touch. Your guests might actually find themselves singing along to the words in their mind. The team at Mystical Entertainment Group decided to compile lists that will help you with each portion of your wedding ceremony. You can click in the top right of each Youtube playlist to see the entire list in each section. Take a listen. If you’re working with us, make sure to fill in the bottom of the wedding formalities planner with your favorites for each section. Cheers and happy wedding planning to you!! 

Wedding Ceremony Prelude Mix (The stuff people listen to while they wait)

Don’t leave your guests seated in silence! You can use prelude music to set the tone for the ceremony and even the reception! If you are going for a traditional or classical feel you can play something like Bach or Mendelssohn. If you want something more modern there are amazing ensembles like StringSpace and The Vitamin String Quartet that can give you fun classical renditions of modern music. You can also play more upbeat music is you want to set the party vibe early. Below is a list we’ve compiled so you can listen. Enjoy!! 

Wedding Ceremony Processional (for bridal party, parents, etc)

The processional can include the parents of the couple and members of the wedding party. As with the rest of the ceremony, you can really let you personality shine when it comes to choosing processional music. You can play your parents wedding song when they are walking down the aisle, dedicate a special song for your partner or groom as they wait for you at the altar. Recently couples have been using more fun pop songs as the wedding party makes their way down the aisle. Here are a few songs we love for the wedding processional:


Wedding Ceremony Processional (Entrance of the “main attraction”)

Here is the moment everyone in attendance has been waiting for! The big reveal! You have to make sure this moment is perfect and the right song can add to the magic of it all! Romance takes center stage as couples typically use love songs like “All of Me” and “ A Thousand Years”. If you would like to be a bit different there are amazing acoustic covers of all time favorite love songs like Kina Grannis’ rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”. Check out some great songs for you to make your way down the aisle:


Wedding Recessional (After “I do”)

Congratulations! You’re married! Let’s get this party started! The recessional should set the tone for the remainder of the wedding. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to let rose with this choice! While there is nothing wrong with a great love song or romantic pop hit we recommend something fun and upbeat like “Best Day of Our Lives” by American Authors or “Now That We Found Love” by Heavy D and The Boys. Maybe you’re a huge StarWars fan and want to walk out to the Imperial March? The options can be endless so we’ve put together the following list to help you narrow it down:


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