You’re Engaged…Now What?

You’re Engaged…Now What?

You’re Engaged…Now What?

You’re Engaged…Now What?


Congratulations!!!….You’re Engaged! The journey is about to begin as you tie the knot with the love of your life. Many brides-to-be may come to realize that planning a wedding can be a stressful process in one’s life; however it doesn’t have to be.  Now that you’ve got that ring on your finger, what do you do next? No worries, we have great advice to guide you in the right direction.


Here are a few steps to get you started:

Pop The Champagne!

The very first step before planning anything is to celebrate this exciting moment with all of your family and friends. Take this time out to announce the big news to all the people closest to you. Whether it’s a quiet gathering at home or attending a friend’s pool party make sure to soak up all the fun during this glamorous moment in your life.

Lock-down the Guest List

Now that you’ve announced the news its time to sit down with your significant other to make a list of all the guests from both of your families that will be attending the big day. This is also a good time to make a list and to finalize all those guests that will be part of the bridal and groom party. Once you know the size of your guest list and your wedding party, it will be easier to decide on the perfect location that will be accommodating for everyone on your special day.

Start up a fund & discuss a budget.

Before signing any contract with any wedding planner or vendor, it is a good idea to sit down with your partner and both families to commit to a certain budget that will be spent. This way you both will have a better understanding on which venues and vendors to focus on. It will lower your research process dramatically.

Season & Date

Is the time of the year important to you? If so, now is a good time to decide beforehand if you want a fall, winter, spring, or summer wedding. Picking a season can also assist the happy couple in picking a theme for the wedding. For example, if planning a spring wedding a sweet, garden, barnyard-like wedding with a bunch of blooming flowers just might to be the perfect choice. Once you’ve decided this, you can lock down on a date. Keep in mind that winter season offers lots of discounts! Check out THIS blog for more details! 

Location & Venue

Now that the date has been chosen it’s time for the real planning to begin. How exciting! Before making any bookings with any vendors or wedding coordinators it is essential to make sure to choose your venue first, before anything else. Once the venue is booked it will be easier for you to coordinate with other vendors to make sure they are available and will give you a better shot with finalizing a price with them.

Start gathering ideas & inspiration

You’ve got the ring, you’ve set up the date, and you’ve decide on a particular venue, it is a great time to sit down with your partner to compile a list of ideas and inspiration to integrate into the wedding. Sitting down with those close to you and bouncing ideas off another can give you both, as the happy couple, great inspiration to set up the wedding of your dreams. Doing this with help to determine the exact style that works for everyone involved. 

Book with a vendor or wedding planner

The last step to everything is to start the details that will be involved in the ceremony and reception such as the entertainment, the giveaways, the catering, the food, and to sending out all those final invitations. Wedding planners are a good medium to help you get everything you need to get done. This will take a lot of stress and anxiety off your back as well. You can now get your own personal errands done such as picking the wedding gown, as well as mentally preparing yourself for the biggest day of your life.


These are just the very few steps to planning your wedding. Just remember to always stay focused on what matters first. This is a time to celebrate the starting of your life with your one and only. Have fun with the planning process, talk to one another, and when in doubt when challenges arise remember to keep it all in perspective.


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