Why Winter Weddings rock!!

Why Winter Weddings rock!!

Why Winter Weddings rock!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Winter wonderland and romantic nights! Winter weddings have so many advantages that you probably

never even thought of. During this time, there is a shortage of weddings, which makes having a wedding

during this time cost-effective. January, February, and March are considered the “off season,” which is

why you can easily get discounts and lower prices because businesses are hungry to help more customers

during this time. If you’re lucky, the beauty of the wintry white snowfall will compliment your

photographs. If there happens to be no snow because of global warming, don’t worry or stress we can

make it snow at your wedding! Here are a few other advantages when planning a winter extravaganza…

1. Winter Weddings are more affordable:

When you chose a winter date for your wedding you can defiantly get more bang for your buck! The

winter months tend to be slower so you’ll find that the best venues have lower prices as well as many

vendors. Many offer special packages during this time with amazing off-season rates. That way you can

get so much more than what you pay for.

2. Winter Weddings offer more availability:

This is also true if you are trying to use a popular venue that usually gets booked way ahead of time. If

you are flexible in the winter, you can book your wedding within a short time period and can seek out

available dates that these popular venues may have. Not only will you be able to have your dream venue,

but you may be lucky enough to have your winter wonderland wedding on a Saturday night or even

during the week which is usually more affordable.

3. Other vendors…

Brian Delia is an amazing photographer who took the picture and created the video below. He offers a

winter specials, so you can contact him to ask about his discounts and pricings for winter wedding

photography deals.

Did you know that flowers last the longest in the colder winter temperature? Therefore, your bouquets

and floral arrangements will be picture prefect all day. This will be one less thing to worry about for the

happy couple and the photographer.

Check out Stunning Arrangements: Floral & Event Design’s website offer beautiful flowers at a

reasonable cost.

Check out the website: www.StunningArrangements.net

Jim's Formal Wear Retailer has great deals for the winter season and all year around. This retail store has

just the right looks to make you feel fabulous. You can build your own tux design on the site and NJ

Event Center does rentals from them as well.

Check out the website: www.JimsFormalWear.com

4. Holiday Wedding Themes:

Winter weddings are not a bad way to celebrate the holidays with your family and friends! Many people

have extra time off work during the Christmas season so this would make the holidays extra special. In

the winter, many people are inside more and will be ready for a fun party to lift their spirits. Winter is full

of memorable dates and holidays to make your chosen day even more special. You could have a festive

Christmas wedding, a romantic Valentine’s wedding, or even a New Year’s eve wedding, just to name a


5. You don’t need to plan for different weather!

If you’re getting married in winter, you don’t need to worry about whether you’re going to have rain, heat

or sun. You will have cold winter weather so you and your guests will be ready to party indoors. You

don’t need to check the long range of weather forecasts or even worry about an alternative plan if you

were doing it outdoors. It’s one less thing to worry about on your special day!

6. Decorations are lit!

The possibilities for winter wedding themes and decorations are endless. Many start with that beautiful

winter white theme. However, if red is your color, this can be incorporated during the Christmas season or

in February for Valentine’s Day. If global warming hinders the snow effect, we can bring the snow to

your venue with our equipment and decorations. Other suggestions for a breath-taking winter wedding

include candles, different types of lights, fire places, and our very own version of fireworks to light up the

atmosphere to give your wedding that special extra touch. It is one memorable experience that you will

never forget!

7. Honeymoon in warm weather or the tropics!

Can’t wait for that long waited vacation? No worries, escape the winter weather and head to the warm

climate or the tropics. Hurricane season, no problem! Just get married during the winter months and you

won’t have to worry. It is totally avoidable. It’s the perfect time to visit the tropics such as the Caribbean

islands to enjoy the warm weather as husband and wife!

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