The Ultimate Guide to Wedding music planning

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding music planning

Planning your wedding music is important

Curating the Perfect Wedding Playlists: Song Selection

When you’re planning a wedding, there are so many things you have to think of to make sure you and your guests all have a great time. Does the caterer offer gluten free? Can my uncle sit next to this guy? Will the shuttles fit everyone to get to the hotel? So many questions!! The last thing you want to do is plan all of your music for your wedding, I mean that’s why you hired a professional wedding dj right? 

The fact is, every single event is different. Each couple has their own music tastes and so do their families. A professional wedding DJ can definitely read your crowd but will they know that your favorite movie is Crazy Rich Asians and the version of Can’t Help Falling in Love by Kina Granis reminds you of your first date? Will they know that your family has a tradition of singing Paradise by the Dashboard lights? Probably not… Wedding music is arguably the most important part of your wedding.

Curating the perfect wedding playlist can be done by selecting songs appropriate for different moments of the day. To create the perfect wedding playlist, it is important to consider the mood of your wedding and what type of music you want to listen to. There are many different ways to find and select the right songs for your wedding playlists. 

Plan your wedding music from your smartphone

Nowadays, there’s an app for just about everything. I don’t think we need to get too crazy though, if you’re booked with us, download the Mystical Entertainment Group app. If you’re not, we are terribly sorry, good luck. Just kidding let’s move on to the next step. 

Platform Selection

With technology today, your life is so much easier. If your entertainment isn’t as cool as us with an app and custom portal, it’s ok, you have Apple Music and Spotify. We recommend just adding songs throughout the year as your hear them and then once your big day is coming up, sift through your lists and delete the ones that you don’t love anymore. Keep in mind you’ll need the premium versions of each to play your music without commercial interruptions. 

P.S. If your wedding DJ is really cool, you’ll be able to connect your Spotify right in their portal (wink, wink…see below)

Wedding Ceremony Music 

Today, ceremonies are much less traditional and logistically make more sense to do at your wedding venue. This allows you to get creative with the music portion since most churches are very particular about what you can or can’t play. Music is an important part of your wedding and choosing meaningful music helps make the ceremony more personal. When your search google for ceremony playlist, I’ll guarantee Canon in D comes up first but man is that overdone. Youtube has changed the game and allowed so many musicians to remake so many of our favorite songs with instrumental versions on violin or cello and piano. We’ll save you from the guess work as we’ve already curated amazing lists for wedding ceremony music to make your life easy. #You’reWelcome

Playlist Setup

You want to break your wedding down into sections. For your convenience, we’ve outlined the different sections in our portal. You can see the screen shot above. Cocktail music, must plays, dedications, Do Not Play, Dinner Music and maybe even last song. Choose songs that reflect the mood you want your wedding to feel like. Try to strike a balance between different styles and genres of music to fit everyone in attendance at your event but also don’t forget about yourself. 

Always have a  do-not-play list

Your band or wedding DJ should have a do-not-play list to avoid playing songs that you don’t want to hear. As we said before, if you hired a professional, they should be able to know how to read your crowd, but it’s hard to know what you hate. Maybe you watched a Netflix special on R. Kelly and you now have a hatred towards him. Maybe you’re sick of the line dances. Whatever the case may be, make a list. We curated the top 50 Do not play songs by our clients in 2021. 

The questions you should be asked by your wedding DJ 

Attention to detail is what separates us at Mystical Entertainment Group. We understand there’s many different genres, sub genres and more importantly, styles of music. There might be 10 remixes to the same song but you love a certain sound better. You should be asked how old you and your fiancee are. You should be asked what type of throwbacks you love. You should be asked if you want to scale it through the decades all night or just the beginning. Make sure the perfect picture is painted and just show up and have a good time!! 

Input is always a great thing and it’s important to differentiate your wedding from everyone else’s. You shouldn’t have to be your own dj and plan every aspect but that input goes a long way into curating the perfect wedding playlist for you. 

If you have any doubts about your making your own perfect wedding playlist, allow us to help!

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