Trends for Wedding Photobooths in 2022

Trends for Wedding Photobooths in 2022

Photo Booths have long been popular attractions for weddings, and now they are going high-tech. Advances in technology have made photo booths more creative than ever. If you want to dazzle your wedding guests and give them a take-home to remember, consider these 2022 photo booth trends.

Putting a Spin On it

A great alternative to the ordinary, flat photo is the 360-degree photobooth. Guests stand on a special platform, individually or in small groups, and a video camera and light revolve slowly around them. The guests can pose or dance however they’d like—the video will capture the action.

Since it’s all digital, special effects can easily be added, such as slow motion, reverse, repeats, and split screens. You can add colored lights, filters, and overlays. The result is a fun video you can share and keep.

Glamming It Up

The glam photo booth is also a popular trend for weddings in 2022, especially since your guests are already dressed up. They can strike a pose and let the high-tech features do the rest. Special filters will make their skin look as flawless as a glamorous model.

Black and white photos are a hot trend this year, and the glam photo booth produces high-quality B&W pix that will make instant classics. Other digital filters can add glamorous backdrops and sparkly digital props. 

Instant Sharing

Whatever photobooth you choose, it’s likely to come with instant sharing capabilities. As soon as the photo or video is finished, your guests can have the option to access it instantly. Depending on the style of the booth, they may either download it from a photo gallery or have it sent to their phone by text or email. 

They can then share their photos with friends and family or post them to their social media accounts. Don’t worry, print photos are still popular with wedding guests, and thanks to digital technology, these photos can also be ready promptly.

Photobooths at weddings have become a tradition, and with so many options available, your guests will be excited to jump in the photo. If they haven’t seen a photobooth for a while, they might be surprised to see the high-tech options that can add to the fun and let their creativity go wild.

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