Tips for Planning Your Company’s Dance Party

Tips for Planning Your Company’s Dance Party

A dinner-dance party is a great way for your company to celebrate a holiday, milestone, or awards ceremony. But today’s workplaces are diverse, and selecting the right music can be tricky. Working with a professional DJ can help you choose the best playlist for the occasion and the guests.

Make an Inclusive Playlist

Today’s streaming services have allowed you to create your own virtual “music world,” but at the same time, it’s likely you’ve excluded many songs and musical styles other people love. All your guests, regardless of generation or background, should find something they’d like to dance to in your playlist.

An experienced DJ will know what songs are popular now and what classics have stood the test of time. He or she can create a good mix of rock, country, R&B, hip-hop, and other sounds that will get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

Keep It “G” Rated

A company party is a time to have fun and can be a great team-building experience. But when the party’s over, everyone must go back to their professional roles with an appropriate objective distance and mutual respect. You don’t want anything in the music or dance moves to cause offense or embarrassment.

Some popular songs will have lyrics that some of your guests could find offensive. Other songs have two versions, one of which is “G” rated for more general audiences. Talk to your DJ about selecting appropriate songs for the occasion.

Choose a Theme

Choosing a party theme will often give you a ready-made playlist. Decade themes like the Roaring Twenties, Fabulous Fifties, or Disco Seventies can suggest a variety of music almost everyone loves. Other themes, such as a day at the beach, can also direct your playlist.

If you choose a theme, inform your guests ahead of time. They may want to get into the spirit by dressing up in theme-inspired clothing.

When you plan a dance for your next company event, make sure your music matches the mood of the party. While you and your planning committee aren’t likely to be musical experts, the DJ you hire will be. Rely on your DJ’s expertise in helping you choose the right songs.

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