Your Guy Is Going to Make a Good Husband

Your Guy Is Going to Make a Good Husband

7 Signs Your Guy Is Going to Make a Good Husband

So, you know that you’re in love with your partner…but how are you supposed to know if he’s marriage material? Well, Loverlies, it’s no easy feat. Being husband-worthy means he needs to be the type of guy you can count on when push comes to shove, the guy you know will still spoil you even though you’ve been together forever. So if you’re wondering if your guy will make a good husband, look for these seven traits. If he’s got ’em, you can bet that he’s the right man to commit to spending forever with.

He actively shows you how much he appreciates you. Feeling appreciated and honored by your partner is a must for being able to grow old with someone. It doesn’t matter how he shows his gratitude — some guys are apt to shower you with flowers while others will wash your car to show you they care. What’s important is that you have no doubt that he appreciates you and he’s not shy about showing it.

He prioritizes family. Marriage isn’t just taking a more permanent step in your relationship, it’s creating a family — and joining yours to his in the process. The man you marry should care deeply about his family, whether he considers his tribe to be his blood relatives or a family he’s created with his friends.

He’s at a solid place in his life. Getting married isn’t just a romantic endeavor — it’s also a financial and lifestyle commitment. When you wed, you want the guy you’re marrying to have a career path and the ability to stand on his own two feet. And you should be able to do the same. There will be ups and downs that the two of you have to face, but if you start off on rocky ground, you may never find your footing. Make sure the timing is right before you take the plunge.

He has values similar to yours. More than likely, you and your partner have talked about the big things: kids, religion, lifestyle, and so on. But be sure that you’re truly on the same page about these things, and any other values that are super important to you, before you talk marriage. He may be an amazing guy, but if his life plan and values aren’t in line with yours, he likely isn’t the life partner for you.

He’s non-judgmental. You want the person you marry to accept you for who you are and to be able to support you no matter what. Like a best friend, a husband should be there for you through thick and thin. He can question you, push you, even urge you to think differently, but he should never, ever judge you.

He’s the first person you want advice or help from in a crisis. Your husband is your “in case of emergency” person — literally. If the man you want to marry isn’t good in a crisis or you can’t see yourself being able to rely on him in tough situations, you’re in for a long road of disappointment if you two wed. Life can get hard, so make sure he’s up for it in the way that YOU need.

He’s trustworthy. No matter what, you have to be able to trust your husband. Even when he’s out with the guys. (Actually, especially when he’s out with the guys.) If you’re even a little bit unsure about his devotion to you or your relationship, he’s not husband material…yet. In order to marry someone, you have to be able to trust him completely.

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