Why Your Wedding Reception Needs the Hora Loca

Why Your Wedding Reception Needs the Hora Loca

Bright colors, feathered costumes, wild entertainment, and loud music—everybody joins the party when the Hora Loca begins. The Hora Loca is the hottest new trend for wedding receptions.

What Is the Hora Loca?

The Hora Loca, or Crazy Hour in Spanish, began in South America as a wild but brief celebration within parties. Flashing lights or a siren (or both) signal the beginning of Hora Loca, which usually includes fast-paced music, costumed dancers, stilt walkers, and other entertainment. Often, guests are given hats, masks, noisemakers, and lights so they can join in the craziness.

When planning your wedding reception, ask your DJ or entertainment service if they can arrange the Hora Loca for you. You’ll need Latino and other dance music, colorful lights, and dancers. They may provide props for the guests, but if not, you can easily buy them online.

Start the Party with a Blast

Since the Hora Loca lasts only about 45 minutes to an hour, you’ll need to decide when you want it to happen. Many couples choose to have the Hora Loca right after the traditional parts of the reception, such as the dinner, speeches, and bride’s first dances.

Then, the Hora Loca begins, and suddenly the mood changes. While your guests have been sitting and watching, they’ll be inspired to get on their feet, enjoy the show, and take part in the action. When the Hora Loca ends, they’ll still be out on the dance floor having fun.

Energize the Late Night

Another popular time for the Hora Loca is later in the reception when the mood is starting to quiet and people are slowing down. The Hora Loca signals that the party isn’t quite over yet. The crazy time will put the energy back into the party.

You can work with your wedding planner and your DJ service to customize your Hora Loca. Decide on the right timing that works with your reception schedule. You may also be able to add a photo booth or other personalized touches.

A traditional wedding reception is beautiful, but it can be too predictable. Surprise your guests by adding the Hora Loca to your party. It can be a time when everyone can let loose and join in the celebration.

Are you planning a wedding reception in the New York City area? If so, talk to the Mystical Entertainment Group about adding the Hora Loca.

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