Why to make a wedding hashtag

Why to make a wedding hashtag

Why to make a wedding hashtag

Have you considered creating your very own wedding #hashtag for your Big Day? There has been a massive trend over the past few years for having personalized hashtags which open up a world of opportunity for many couples getting married. It’s pretty amazing to have your guests follow and be part of every step of your wedding planning and day! I mean, they’re cute, fun, and everyone’s loving them but, just in case you find yourself caught between whether or not you should follow the trend, we are here to give you 5 reasons to get on wave and create your own very special, original, #hashtag! 

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1. Wedding Hashtags get guests involved

Use your hashtag from the get-go and allow guests to follow your journey all the way from planning the big day to walking up the aisle. Whether you choose something witty or go for an old #mr&mrs(insert surname here) option, make sure that it firstly, is easy to remember, and secondly, is unique. You won’t want your pictures mixed in with others using the same hashtag because you never know what you will find on the internet. Once you have created the perfect and most unique hashtag you can, incorporate it into your “Save The Date” announcements, wedding invitations and/or wedding website. Encourage invitees to start using it and spread the joy and excitement! #toomuchfun

2. Track your pictures with your wedding hashtag

Now that you’ve created a buzz about your big day, there will be more talk about your wedding, but in a good way! You are certain that your friends and family will be Tweeting, Instagramming and Facebooking left, right and center, provided they use your chosen hashtag (make it simple and have reminders all over your reception), then all your lovely messages of congratulations and support, as well as numerous pictures from the day, will be nicely organized and instantly accessible. Having a professional photographer is great and all but nothing is as heartwarming as the carefree expressions of your friends and family after 10 of their favorite cocktails.

3. Modern-day guestbook

Think about it, a personalized hashtag can be used as a modern day guestbook. Encourage guests to tweet, Instagram and Facebook their messages of support. Relax and just watch the flow of the messages fall through. Plus, after all the partying is done, you get to look back and see your wedding in the eyes of your loved ones!

4. Show off your married name

Anxious and excited about getting to use your married name? Make it part of your wedding hashtag and start using it straight away! Sure, there are those that deem changing your name to be a little old- fashioned but there are plenty of independent, strong women out there doing it for themselves while still rocking their other half’s surname!

5. Great way to get your guests talking

“Do you know what the hashtag is?” “Do you have the hashtag handy?” “Do you know who that hottie is?”…Yes, the possibilities are endless. Get people talking. Get hashtagging. You know what they say… “All publicity is good publicity”.


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