What to Expect from Your Wedding DJ

What to Expect from Your Wedding DJ

Your wedding DJ should do more than push buttons and play songs. A professional wedding DJ is knowledgeable, experienced, and creative in multiple ways. Their expertise can help make your wedding reception the fantastic party you’ve always dreamed it will be.

Help with Your Playlist

Your DJ begins working well before the day of your wedding. The first step is to put together your playlist. This task should be a collaborative effort between you and the DJ. You have your favorites, and the DJ knows hundreds (maybe thousands) of songs.

Sit down and make a list of “must play” and “don’t play” songs. Let your DJ know what genres of music you enjoy, but also keep in mind the musical tastes of your wedding guests. Your DJ can advise you on what songs guests typically love or want to dance to.

Act as MC

During the wedding, the DJ can serve as the master of ceremonies or MC. The DJ will make announcements about the dinner, ceremonial toasts, and other traditional activities, such as the bouquet toss or the first dance. These announcements keep the guests informed and involved with what’s going on.

But good MCing is more complicated than just making announcements—it takes talent. An experienced DJ brings a level of excitement and enthusiasm to the task. They know when to be serious, when to joke around, and when to stay silent and respect the moment.

Keep the Party Moving

Sometimes wedding dances start out with excitement but start fizzling out after a while. A good professional DJ can keep the energy moving all night, beginning with the playlist. It’s not just the song titles that are important, but the order in which the songs are played. 

Too many fast songs in a row, and guests become exhausted. Too many slow ballads, and they’ve fallen asleep. The wedding DJ can sense the crowd’s mood and play just the right song to keep everyone entertained.

While it’s possible to make your own playlist on your smartphone and hook it up to speakers in your wedding venue, it’s a bad idea that could lead to chaos and disappointment. Hiring a professional DJ ensures your wedding reception will run smoothly and create memories of a wonderful evening.

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