What To Ask a Men's Formal Wear Store

What To Ask a Men's Formal Wear Store

Top 8 Questions to Ask a Men’s Formal Wear Store

Before you begin the hunt for the most stylish suit ever, there are a few questions you’ll need the answer to in order to make your shopping experience a seamless one.

1.Can you accommodate large groups?
This is a good question to ask in case you and your groomsmen want to go shopping together! A store may be by appointment only or may not allow more than a certain number of customers in the store at one time. A shop may do this because of space constraints or to personalize the shopping experience. Make sure you know the store’s policies before you show up with eight of your best buds in tow.

2.Do you carry your own suit supply?
See if you’ll have the opportunity to try on suits and tuxedos right there in the store or if you’ll be sifting through a catalog and checking out suits on mannequins. You may prefer to try on a suit and take it home with you versus picking one out and waiting for it to come in, so it’s important to check that the shop you’re going to has that capability.

3.Do you have samples to try on?
If the shop doesn’t carry suits in-house, do they at least have sample sizes you can try on? Even if you like what you see in a catalogue or in the window display, you can feel drastically different about it once you put it on. The fit or style may not work out how you imagined, so check in with the shop before going in to see if they have samples.

4.Do you do on-site alterations?
Can you get your dress pants shortened in-house or will you have to ship it out to another tailor? If they don’t offer alterations, they probably have a place in mind that they can recommend for any necessary nips and tucks.

5.How long will it take my suit or tuxedo to arrive once I place an order?
This is a pretty important question to ask so you know when to go shopping for your suit! If it’s going to take a few months to come in, you’ll probably want to go sooner rather than later. However, if they have suits in stock and all you’ll have to do is get it altered, you can wait it out a little to go shopping.

6.Is there a security deposit or damage waiver fee required?
Inquire about these hidden fees before committing to a suit! Do you have to put down a deposit on your ensemble? What happens if you damage a rented tux? Is there a flat fee or does it vary based on how much damage was done? All these questions can help you avoid extra costs.

7.Do you have accessories available to buy or rent at your store?
Is this a one stop shop where you can rent or buy shoes, vests, and ties? Or does it only specialize in tuxes and suits? This is good info to have before shopping so you’ll know if you’re going to have to make trips to multiple stores.

8.What is the return policy?
How soon after the wedding do you need to return the suit or tux if you rent it? Does it need to be returned immediately or can you wait a week or two? This is crucial information, especially if you’re a groom jetting off on your honeymoon right after. If that’s the case, appoint a groomsmen to return it, or find out if there’s any penalty for waiting a little while to return it.

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