Wedding Traditions Around the World

Wedding Traditions Around the World

Wedding Traditions Around the World

Every country in the world has different wedding traditions. How can such a common

ceremony be so different around the world? Here is a list of some of the more unusual


1. Forget the white wedding dress, In Samoa, bridal dress is made from the bark of mulberry


2. In Kenya it is the custom; the month after the wedding, to have the groom wears women’s

clothing to understand how hard it is being a woman.

3. In Namibia, the bride wears a veil that is not made of white lace. It is called an “ECORA”

and is made of goatskin, rubbed with tar, grease and red ocher.

4. The Surma tribe of Ethiopia has the girl remove her lower teeth, pierced lip and insert the

clay disk in it. The fact is though the larger diameter of the disc; the more brides’ dowry is

worth because it symbolizes the drive level of wealth of the bride’s family.

5. On the island of Java, the couple must pay the fee in rat-tails. 25 tails to get married!

6. The concept of the wedding night in Albania has a tradition that for three nights, the woman

must resist her husband’s attacks in order to confuse evil spirits

7. The Nenets do not hire a chef to cook; they serve raw venison to the guests. 

8. In the Trombrian Islands you must sing with your future spouse in front of the tribe and then

a couple is married.

9. Bali is interesting because at the wedding the women are the only ones seen at the wedding

table only. The men are sleeping because they have been up all day preparing the feast for the

women to enjoy!

10. Indonesnian women wash their new husband’s feet in front of thousands of relatives and

family. This is only after he steps on an egg!

11. Skip the champagne, Japanese couples takes sips of sake to formalize their union.

12. In Jamaica everyone in the village goes to see the bride. And she better look her very best or

she could be scorned.

One thing we know for sure…weddings are meant to celebrate and party!!! We know how to throw a party the


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