Wedding Reception Must-Haves!

Wedding Reception Must-Haves!

Wedding Reception Must-Haves!

A wedding day is certainly a special day to remember and is definitely an event all your closest friends and family will be attending. Therefore, it’s a great idea to have only the best entertainment essentials, favors and giveaways that are sure to leave your guests thinking that your wedding way past the last dance. Thinking of how you’re going to entertain all your invitees all night long? We have some great ideas that will give you a whole world wind of inspiration that you can include into the wedding that you’ve been hoping for. You guests will be more impressed by your wedding than you expected and they will be guaranteed to have only the best time celebrating with you.


Here are the New Hot Wedding Must Haves

Catering & Open Bar 

Food is very important to include into the wedding reception and may very well be the number one must to have at any gathering. Set up a menu with three or four ideas for your guests, to give them the option to choose from something they like followed by dessert such as the wedding cake. Alcohol is another essential that should be provided especially when it is time to make a toast for the happy couple like the best-man speech. Open bar is the ideal option to have for your guests so they feel fully accommodated. It is sure to be highly appreciated amongst all guests that attend.

Decoration, , and Style

Decorations, lighting, and style will display the theme of the wedding reception. All three are equally important and will describe the whole vision that your guests will experience during your wedding reception. Centerpieces for the tables, hanging arrangements, and unique table number and place cards are great extra touches that allow you to showcase your relationship’s distinct personality.

Capture the Memories!

Consider hiring a photographer or a video recording specialist that will capture the whole magic and fun during the entire wedding day; from the beginning to the very end. It will surely look just like a magical story that came straight out of a fairytale book. This is one memory to always cherish forever with the possibility of showing the kids one day…so it is important to capture every moment! Here at Mystical Entertainment we work very closely with Brian Delia Photography, they can certainly help with any photo/video capturing duties throughout your wedding day!   

The Best Wedding DJ in NY NJ

A very important must at the wedding reception is definitelyy the music that will display the whole vibe of the party. Will you have a band or a wedding DJ? What type of genres will you include or exclude? Make sure to pick a playlist that will cater to all your guests whether they are young or old, music that everyone will enjoy. Hire a DJ or choose your favorite band that will have guests dancing all night long. Be critical when choosing the music since it will trigger the whole vibe and atmosphere, and experience for all guests. MC’s are also a plus to include that will help to get any party going.

Photo Booth Rentals

Photo booths are always fun to have and just like Instagram and Snapchat they have become a regular during weddings. Instead of having your guests bored and taking selfies, including a photo booth is a great way to spice up the fun that will keep all your guests entertained. Photo booths come with many great backdrops and props where all type of fun shots that can be taken. The photos can also be taken home as well as a wedding favor. It is a great way for your guests to remember all the fun they had on your big wedding day. You and all your guests will have a great momento to take home and guests also have the chance to send their love to the new couple!

PS – our photobooths include a scrapbook and USB for the couple. So let’s say you get stuck on the dance floor all night, no worries because you’ll get copies of all the photos taken!

Have a Guest Book!

Having a guest book available will give guests a chance to express their love and happiness for the newlyweds! It may be hard for guests to get your attention at times during the ceremony and reception so leaving a guest book where they can leave you a sweet note is a great idea that you will be able to have and cherish for the rest of your life. You can look back on it for years to come and will remember all the people that joined you on your special day.

Dance on the Clouds!

The very first dance with your lover is one to never forget so why not make it a magical one! Show everyone the love you have for one another by dancing on clouds! We can bring the affects to you to make it look like you two literally dancing on the clouds! Everyone will be capturing this moment with the two of you and will be sure to be snapping pictures left and right. This is one moment that you will truly remember forever.

Wedding Party Games

Another way to keep your guests entertained during the party is to have games available for them especially if many young kids will be in attendance. Hiring a magician or cartoonist is sure to keep the kids busy while the parents have fun celebrating with you two as the new couple. However, no one is ever too old for games. If having an outside wedding lawn games are great to incorporate into the party such as mini golf, cornhole, giant jenga or even large checkers. These activities are a perfect way for your guest to mingle and have fun.

Hora Loca

Hora Loca is an awesome way to get the partying going and going for a long time. It is described as a hour long show where performers are dressed in flashy outfits, are up on stilts, where many of them are passing out glowing lights, masks, and party hats that will push and drive people to want to dance. The appearance of these performers may resemble something you would see out of a Brazilian carnival. It is a live show that will keep everyone entertained giving your party an even more incredible twist. Here at Mystical Entertainment we have spectacular Hora Loca packages to offer that may interest you. We are proud to say that we are featured in the NY times as the number one provider of the Hora Loca at special events and weddings!


Wedding party favors will really show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to celebrate with you. Offering a take home gift will go far especially for those who traveled a long way to join you. It can be as simple as fresh mints and chocolate, anything that shows them they are appreciated. This can include customized gifts such as key chains, bottle openers, or even a mini champagne bottle labeled with your names and the wedding date. It will also give guests something to remember from your special day.  


Giveaways are a very easy and simple way to make your guests feel welcomed. Just by the sweet gesture they received it will make them feel right at home and happy that they showed up to the wedding. Anything will do such as extra flips flops for guests to slip into for those tired dancing feet, party hats, special bling, to any personal gift will be honored and cherished by all guests in attendance.



All of these are great ideas, inspiration, entertainment, and gifts to include during your ever-lasting exciting wedding reception that guests will be sure to remember. It will be one party that you will hold close to your heart for many years to come. By including these various must-haves will give your party that extra pop and spice for a truly unique style that sets you apart from the rest!

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