Ways to Store Wedding Mementos

Ways to Store Wedding Mementos

Ever wondered what you’re going to do with ALL the wedding mementos you’ve purchased or received? Especially going through post-wedding withdrawal months following the big day. Before you start to throw everything into a box, consider these ideas below:

Display Your Dress
In lieu of placing your preserved wedding dress under the bed or in the walk-in-closet once it’s returned from the cleaners or bridal salon, opt to frame and hang it along with your wall of favorite photos.

framed wedding gown 2

framed wedding gown

Save the Cake
Ask your cake baker to wrap up the top tier of your wedding cake for you to freeze until the following year. Then, you get to cut and eat it all for your first year of marriage.

wedding cake

Use The Hand-Stamped Utensils
Add those “I’m yours” and “You’re mine” or “I do” and “Me too” forks you bought to devour your dinner to your silverware drawer at home. It will be such a pleasant surprise when you’re grabbing a fork for your Chinese food.

stamped silverware

Platter Your Stationery
Take your custom monogram or invitation look to platters and things aroud your home.


Two-Hole Punch Your Cards
All you need is a two-hole puncher, two binder rings, and the approximately 200+ cards you received from your family members and friends. This is a neat way to keep your cards and you can go back and reread the sweet words.

hole punch cards

Dry Your Bouquet or Boutonniere
After all that planning for your bouquet and flowers, keeping them around to see them in all their beauty is great.

wedding bouquet

Reread Your Love Letters
If you choose to write love letters to each other to open on the morning of the day. Make it a goal to reread them. It may spark some butterflies in your stomach. Also, it’s nice to know how much you’re loved.

wedding love letters

Wear Your Getting Ready Outfits Regularly
Whether it was monogrammed button-up shirts, floral kimono robes, tank top and shorts, or pajamas, don’t forget you have them. It will be a constant reminder of the fun you had the morning of your wedding every time you put it on.

wedding clothing

Wear Your Gifts From Each Other
Whether it’s a nice set of accessories to match your outfits, or something very personal, it’s nice touch to give something specifically for your new partner in life.


Open Leftover Drinks Only At Certain Times
If you do only open those bottles at certain times. For example, post-married first fight, first apartment/house, first Valentine’s Day, first New Year’s Eve, first dinner party, and first baby (years from now).

wedding wine

Decorate With Your Guest Book
The perfect location for your guest book – a coffee table. But skip the plain sign-in book, have a photobooth scrapbook with pictures and sweet words, it’s made for some fun reading.

wedding photobooth

We love all these ideas for remembering your special day. They’re modern versions of displaying items from your wedding.

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