Wedding Day Shape Up 101

Wedding Day Shape Up 101

Wedding Day Shape Up 101

Having the perfect shape body isn’t going to make you a better bride or even a happier one but

it sure can leave you feeling better and radiant! Getting yourself in shape before your wedding

really can be summed up by two words: Super Confidence! Well, maybe two more: Jealous


Getting engaged is a new and exciting time for your relationship transition. I mean you’re

starting a whole new chapter of your life with the one person you are crazy in love with and the

next couple of months you guys will be getting used to what the rest of your lives will be like

together. Unfortunately, with all the chaos that comes with all the wedding planning could

quickly buzz kill your feel-good vibe. There is so much running around that both your mind and

your body are going to be running on overdrive just until you hug your last guest goodbye.

But research shows that getting your heart rate up, working your muscles to capacity and eating

healthy can gear your brain into “I’m fabulous!” mode. Maybe you won’t exactly have all 200

eyes staring at your biceps on your wedding day, but pre-matrimonial workouts can surely keep

you focused and feeling great! What better way to start your new life, right?

Getting started

Ready, set…skinny? Hold on, lady. Rather than using the time leading up to your big day to

whittle yourself down to some magic number, take this time to become your healthiest you.

Consider your engagement to be a commitment to yourself — and let that set the tone for the

rest of your marriage.

It’s a good idea for a bride to spend at least a little time educating herself on fitness and healthy

habits. But, you don’t need to hit the books or do heavy research, just simply get comfortable

with the basics. Set yourself up with four main components to focus on such as, cardio exercise,

good nutrition, strength training, and stretching.

Find a perfect workout plan

Choosing an exercise and diet plan may be seem just as hard as deciding simple wedding

details. But like any other type of decision, it may just take some cutting down of choices. Just

make sure you choose one that you’ll know you won’t give up on and that you’ll be able to put in

your maximum energy! Here are some factors that you could consider when choosing the best

program for you:

● Your desired dress style: length, shape, and fabric.

● Your body's assets. (consider your personal trouble spots as well )

● Your current physical abilities.

At some point during all the planning, you may feel a sense that you are drowning in all the

stress, so it could be to your advantage to also plan a weight-loss strategy. As mentioned

before, you don’t NEED to do deep research, just research some simple recipes, plan meals in

advance, and schedule workouts just as you would with any other appointment. When setting

up a goal to lose a certain amount, be sure to keep it realistic. If your wedding is only 1-2

months away, don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress by promising to lose 40 pounds in that

short time span. Determine the true timeline you are working within and accept the realistic

number you can achieve.

Keep eating, of course!

You know what they say, the key to anyone’s heart is through food. Im sure the same goes for

you so feed yourself well during this potentially nutty time. That’s a promise that will have your

relationship with yourself be better.

Whether or not you decide to start a new workout routine, the amount of extra running around

you’ll be doing will require some serious amount of fuel. Not eating enough can sabotage your

weight-loss efforts just as much as overeating can. Instead, consider the type of calories you

consume. With everything going on, finding time for home cooking can be difficult. Head to a

healthy grocery store and pick up frozen food meals that meet all of your nutritious needs for the

day and that aren’t drowning in chemicals and preservatives.

Tip: Buy some healthy on-the- go snacks that are portable for taking on a day you may be

running late.

For some more fitness and health inspo, check out our Pinterest board HERE!

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