Wedding Dances

Wedding Dances

Top wedding dances

We all know there’s many many moments planned for the big day. But, what about those special moments that are for YOU and YOUR soon to be forever partner? Every single couple has moments of their wedding that are for just them.

Take a look at these top wedding dances and maybe take away some ideas for your wedding. Who knows, maybe you’re secretly planning a choreography or surprise performance to blow everyone away.

Take a look at this wedding that M.E. and the Granthams celebrated…Their son started the craziness of the Harlem Shake.

Lastly, here is a wedding we can’t forget. The marriage of NY Giant Zak DeOssie and Kate Hammond. Kate came to ME about doing a surprise performance but she didn’t know where to start. We took her idea and ran with it. Their first dance was one we’ll never forget!

Zak and Kate: New York Giant from Mystical Entertainment on Vimeo.

What do you think of these performances?

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