Vintage Photobooth Photos

Vintage Photobooth Photos

Take a look at these vintage photobooth photos!

So cool to see how far photobooth pictures have come. Check out all these pictures!!!


Photobooth pictures were, and still are, keepsakes that people find difficult if not impossible to discard.1

Desiree Macho and Josie Schwegel were all smiles for this photobooth picture taken in Ocean City in 1976. Courtesy of Desiree Macho.2

Fun in the photobooth was captured when these unidentified children ‘posed’ in Ocean City in 1986.3

Looking vaguely like Bette Davis, this unidentified woman sat for a portrait in Atlantic City in 1949.4

An unidentified soldier had this picture taken in a Photomatic photobooth while on furlough in Newark on Feb. 25, 1944.5

These two siblings sat for a photobooth picture in Atlantic City in the 1940s.6

What photobooths were meant for; these two unidentified young ladies hammed it up in a Seaside Heights photobooth in the 1960s.7

The sitter for this photo is unidentified, but it’s noted as being taken on Labor Day in Wildwood in 1937.8

Marilyn Egolf and Jeff Lange had this photobooth picture taken in Rahway in 1962.9
Clowning around in the photobooth in New Milford, 1970s or 1980s.10
Bruce Martin and his wife sat for a photobooth portrait in Asbury Park in 1963.11
This lovely young lady struck a profile pose in an Atlantic City photobooth in 1959.12
This gent made sure his cigarette was showing in an undated photobooth picture taken at Pennyland in Seaside Heights.13
One sitter seems happy, one doesn’t in this photobooth snap from New Milford in the 1970s or 1980s.14
Rutgers students clown in a photobooth at the Route 1 Flea Market in New Brunswick in this photo from 1978.15
Mike Haggerty and his fiancee posed for these photobooth pictures in Ocean City in 1977.15
This woman, identified only as Susie, had her photobooth picture taken in Belleville in the early 1930s.16
Brother and sister John and Karen Cosentino had this photobooth picture taken in Middlesex in 1968.17
This series of photobooth pictures are identified only as having been taken “at the Jersey Shore” in the 1960s.18
This unidentified woman posed for a photobooth picture in Atlantic City in 1939.19
This overcrowded photobooth snapshot is identified only as having been taken in New Milford in the 1970s or 1980s.20
Jon Soaners, right, and Desiree Macho share a hug in an Ocean City photobooth snap from 1976.21
John Wheeler got these self-portraits at a photobooth at the Kmart in the Middlesex County Mall in Piscataway in 1976.22
The sitter and date of this photobooth portrait are unknown, but it was taken at Pennyland in Seaside Heights.23
The back of photobooth pictures that came out in metal frames included the location and date of the sitting.24Lastly, check out this sign!
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