Trending: Backless Wedding Gowns

Trending: Backless Wedding Gowns

8 Trending Backless Wedding Gowns You’ll Love

Ever thought about having a backless or low-cut back wedding dress for your wedding? For all brides-to -be, if you do not mind baring a little skin, we have compiled all the different types of backless wedding gowns for you to choose to bring out the sexiness in you!

You’ll be sure to see jaws-dropping and heads turning while you walk down the aisle with your man, giving him an ego boost and make him feel like the luckiest man on earth.

1) The Big “O”

 The backless “O” shaped dress can be considered as one of the “safer” backless dress as the dress is stitched up at the shoulder area. With a concealed top, brides do not have to worry about their dress slipping off when they are moving around.

2) The Scoop or “U-shaped”

Going a little sexier, we have the “scoop” or “U-shaped” backless gowns.It best suits brides with broader shoulders as it gives the illusion of a slimmer upper body. Here are our picks for the “U” shaped backless gowns.


3) The Valley

How deep the “V” goes depends on how daring you are. We have the small “v” which stops at your back shoulder blades, the mid V which reaches your mid-back and deep valley back which goes all-the-way down to your lower back.


4) The “X” Factor

The criss-cross back wedding gowns are less commonly seen as compared to the “U” shaped or “V” shaped backless gowns. Go for this style if you are looking for something more unique and outstanding.

5) “I”- gown

Another unconventional backless gown, which is trending these days, is the “I” gown. The “I” backless gown has designs running down the spine of the dress and it is usually paired with veil-like material which gives an illusion of an elongated back and subtle sexiness.

6) The Reverse Toga

 This “reverse toga” or the “J-shaped” backless gown is inspired by the Greek fashion. If you are a into the Greek Goddess dress design, be sure to add this to your list of ‘must-try” gowns.


7) The Heart-shaped back

Feeling the love in the air? What about having the heart shape on the back of your wedding gown? This heart-shaped design wedding gown was also made popular when it was worn by Jay Chou’s wife, Hannah Quinlivan.

8) The Classic

 Last but not least is the classic style, or more commonly known as the “tube” style. Just as its name suggest, this design will never go out of style.

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