Top Wedding Montage Songs

Top Wedding Montage Songs

Having to choose a perfect melody for a montage at your wedding can be stressful considering a large number of love songs in the music world. However, a good wedding montage song should be able to touch the hearts of all listeners. Vocals and the melodies should be in perfect line with the marriage styles and easily interpreted by everyone. You do not want to go for a song whose message is not understood. Below is a list of top wedding montage songs that will touch your lives forever.

1. Let me love you by Dj snake and Justine Bieber

This song is a fantastic party-love song one which you can happy dance too. With the magical vocals of Justine Bieber and world-class tune by DJ Snake, this catchy song can never disappoint you.

2. I wanna grow old with you- by Westlife

If this song were to be rated, then a perfect score would fit it. Smooth voice of each member of the band perfectly made the song great. The message is also evident and can easily be understood. It is a good song for the groom to sing to the bride. It emotions come down from the heart, and you can feel it even after it’s over. For the best wedding montage, you better choose this tune.

3. All of me- by john legend

Just like “I wanna grow old with you” by Westlife, this is another slow-moving love song yet with a deep romantic feeling. Done with piano beats and a bit of guitar work, the song brings a perfect mood to a wedding ceremony. Lyrical john legend goes ahead to ask “how he would without your smile…” this killer line goes perfectly with a show of marriage.

4. Don’t let me down- by Chainsmokers Ft. Daya

It has electric beats of a guitar that adds flavor to the lyrics. This masterpiece song as everything falls into place with Daya’s voice proving to be exceptional. Although the tone is pessimistic, it’s still okay as it is a message from the bride to the groom asking him never to leave her.

5. Love is a beautiful thing- by Phi Vassar

Can a country song miss in a list of wedding songs? Such a melodic tune with correct lyrics suitable for any wedding. The singer knows the exact mood to incorporate to make beautiful and lively.

6. Forever and always- by Shania Twain

This tune is slow moving but rhythmic nonrepetitive and understood. Shania Twain uses her vocals to spill her emotions something very positive in any love song. The words are carefully chosen to make one of the best melodies for a wedding montage.

7. Likewise, from this moment- by Shania Twain is also incredibly useful.

With the above playlist, you can make a beautiful wedding montage that will make the wedding live forever with its memories sparked every time someone watches it. A marriage event may be be a costly, and it’s worth preserving it similarly.


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