Top 8 things People Forget to Do before their wedding day

Top 8 things People Forget to Do before their wedding day

Top 8 Things people forget to do before their wedding day 

You know it’s really a thing right? Wedding brain…yea that sh^$ is real. The guys are laughing at this but hey dude, this article is for you too. Now that I can officially say I’ve been there and can give actual advice as a groom and not just a guy that’s done over 4000 weddings as a wedding DJ.

You can’t possibly spend your entire wedding day worried if you forgot something. We know it’s probably a lot easier said than done but with proper planning comes perfect execution!! This list is a must….so here it goes.

1. Pedialyte 

This is where you’re like what the heck is this guy talking about. This guy just so happens to be a seasoned vet who’s attended multiple bachelor parties and the secret sauce is definitely pedialyte. They make this stuff for adults too but it is no joke. You have to stay hydrated and honestly, nothing does it better. It just so happens to be the G.O.A.T. at preventing hangovers too. 

2. Cash

As if you haven’t spent enough already, I know. Honestly, at this point, who is even counting how much you spent anyway right? This is the day you can be like Oprah, You get a 100, you get a 100, you get a 100!! Although I don’t agree with these vendors, some do require final payments or other fees the day of. (Dumb I know but some still do it) We know you’ve already hired the best vendors so throwing a little tip their way goes a long way. Typically, this is best man duty. Give him envelopes and make him in charge of tipping your hard working vendors.

3. Dancing Shoes (or your second outfit)

This goes for the guys and the gals, it’s 2021 dammit guys can do cool stuff too. The fact you’re reading this means you’re probably into dancing your butt off on your wedding day so you have to make sure to bring that bedazzled pair of chucks or Jordans. Also, don’t forget to give your bridal attendant that outfit change and have them remind you it’s time for the outfit change.

4. Notecard with all your musts 

A wise man one told me that your wedding day will go by in a breeze and you’re going to forget something. He said write down the top things you need to do and periodically, throughout the day, pull it out and cross off as you go. Need to tip your vendor? Check Need to say a speech? Check Picture with the boys or girls? Check   This is a must and you’re welcome in advance

5. Pack your luggage ahead of time

Leaving for your honeymoon right after the reception? You better pack, like a week ahead. The day after your wedding your brain is a mixture of mush and a 6th grader after their first kiss. You’ll be reminiscing with your other half about how amazing your wedding DJs were and rummaging through the photobooth scrapbook to see all the ridiculous photos your guests took and the sweet nothings they wrote. 

6. Breathe it all in

This is probably my 2nd favorite after the notecard tip. I usually tell my couples to breathe in the moment after they share their special dances (with each other and parents) and I tell them to take a look around. Take a look around at all these people that sincerely appreciate your love for each other and are there to make it amazing just for you. I also recommend just going to hide in a corner with each other and just watch it all for a few minutes. Watch your crazy aunt booty bumpin’ with your crazy groomsmen or that beautiful little flower girl dancing away. Just relax…laugh with your wedding party, sip your drink…live in the moment. 

7. Tissues

It’s always better to have a few tissues on you than not having them and needing them. From the heartfelt toasts or sweet vows, you just don’t know what will spark those tears. 

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8. Charge your phone 

Charge it, shut it off and throw it in a bag somewhere. Be present the day of and then binge everything on social media after. You’ll have a lot of catching up to do after but it will all be worth it. That live social media feed you had everyone posting on at the reception is for this moment here. 

So there you have it, this list of the Top 8 things to do before your wedding should have you all set. Make sure to take this list seriously because it is tried and true and your wedding day will fly by. I hope you enjoyed reading, make sure to share on Facebook or to a friend in need. 

Cheers and good luck!! 


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