This proposal…

This proposal…

Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s pretty easy to be moved by a thoughtful proposal.

The way Sam Maccarone proposed to his high school sweetheart, Jessica Burzichelli, is one of those proposals.

I mean, he’s been in love with her since fifth grade, and it totally shows.

In order to give her a proposal he thought she deserved, Maccarone staged a filming of a fake music video so they could have the footage forever.

He told his musician cousin, Matty Mac, and their filmmaker friend needed a couple to star in a music video for Matty Mac’s new song.

The New Jersey couple filmed in LOVE Park in Philadelphia and in Nino Gervasi’s Italian Restaurant, where he later proposed to her on camera.

Many of their friends and family spent the day making the restaurant proposal-ready and were there to witness the whole thing.

Obviously, Jess said, “Yes.” How could anyone turn down such a loving gesture?!

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