These photos…

These photos…

If you want to create some truly amazing engagement photos, you have to be willing to go to great depths to get the perfect shot.


After moving to Maui, photographer couple Adam and Shawn-Marie Ravazzano of Love and Water Photography wanted to create a stunning photo series that would really make a splash.

They took the plunge with their newly engaged friends, Leiha’aheo Kamahele-Beeck and Maika Dias, and set out to capture an amazing underwater engagement shoot.

The future bride revealed,

We both enjoy and love the ocean. It’s our sanctuary and our playground. The ocean is also tied to us because of our Hawaiian roots. It gives us life.

All of these captivating photos are incredibly beautiful, and this subaquatic shoot is sure to put even the best beach photo shoot to shame.

Take a look at the photos below to see these unbelievable underwater engagement photos.

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Meet Leiha’aheo Kamahele-Beeck and Maika Dias.

Before taking the plunge, this Oahu couple participated in an amazing underwater engagement shoot.

This underwater world makes the two look like a pair of mesmerizing mermaids.

Both Kamahele-Beeck and Dias are seasoned divers.

Believe it or not, they actually met underwater while snorkeling.

Dias accidentally swam face first into Kamahele-Beeck’s butt.

After an embarrassing apology, the rest was pretty much history.

These two look effortlessly graceful floating through the deep blue water.

This weightless world transforms Kamahele-Beeck’s dress into an elegant, flowing art form.

She wore two different Joelle Perry wedding dresses that day.

She borrowed one of the dresses specifically for the occasion…

…and wore the other one again on her wedding day.

According to Kamahele-Beeck, they “both enjoy and love the ocean.”

And that makes these photos even more meaningful. <3


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