The top 7 items when planning your covid wedding reception

The top 7 items when planning your covid wedding reception

Top 7 items when planning your Covid wedding reception to ensure ALL your guests have a blast 

2020 went from a 2 week quarantine to that meme everyone envisions with Pablo Escobar in his yard while he’s locked up…like are we still here? 

Yup still here… 

So what do you do? Do you wait till 2023 to get hitched? 

Haha ok ok we’ll stop with the movie references. But seriously the prospect of having masks and zero dancing at your wedding is an obvious bummer. Family members disowning you and guest list shrinking…it just puts everyone in a really tough spot. Is it even worth it at this point? Let’s just cancel… Ohhh but the venue is paid off…non-refundable. 

The fact of the matter is that 1 thing matters, you just love each other and want to celebrate. You’re completely excited for that next chapter in life and you know what, if there’s any time to be selfish, it’s now. So how do you turn that frown upside down and make your guests comfortable? This is why we’ve made this top 7 list of items to have which should turn a negative into a positive. (then you let the bartender do his thing and guests will forget covid even exists!!) 

How to plan your Covid wedding 

1) Custom Masks   

We’ll go ahead and just get the obvious one out of the way. Luckily, nowadays, everyone has a friend obsessed with their Cricut and salivates at the opportunity to get their D.I.Y. on. Now make sure to get black masks because, well, makeup. Feel free to jazz them up with a bow tie for the dudes and some earrings for the chicks. Obviously, this is the opportunity to use your monogram and get your brand on. 

2) Customized Hand Sanitizer Bottles

I know, you’re thinking, well thank you master obvious but at the end of the day, this stuff is a must. Put it at the bars, the gift table, the place card table, everywhere. Best thing is, revert to step one and call that friend of yours with their trust Cricut and get to work!! You can also get quirky like the pic below… 

Photo Credit: @arliquinnphotography (Instagram) 

3) Bandz a make her dance 

I mean you’re on a wedding DJ site, of course we’re going to reference music. Even if you’re not a hip hop fan, you’ll be a fan of this. You see with covid, there are levels to your guests mindsets on covid. You have extremes on both sides, those that can care less and then those that want everyone 15′ away from them. The resolution? Colored wrist bands (customized of course) that signify which types of people they are. Your guests will know you went above and beyond when you did your research on how to plan a covid wedding!! 

4) Socially distanced tables

For events, I love to plan room layouts with my clients. There’s a certain psychological aspect to a successful event. I, for one, love the use of cocktail tables. Since there are limits to venues in the Tri-State area, there will definitely be plenty of space. Two things you’re doing with these Cocktail tables: 1) Filling the space 2) Keeping the distance   An absolute win win. 

Photo Credit:

5) Request Cocktail Waitresses 

As well all know, the bar is the the 2nd best place at a wedding. (After the dance floor of course) But when planning your covid wedding, the solution: Ask the venue to have waitresses taking drink orders at each table to alleviate.  Boom. 

6) Socially Distanced Dance Floors

Remember the objective is to make the guests that aren’t necessarily comfortable, well, comfortable. You can use this as an opportunity to get that cool custom monogram of yours printed all over the place again. We also can’t forget that friend with that Cricut either!! You can place these around the tables of those you think might feel uncomfortable and this will help ease the tension for sure. 

Available here. 

7) Stream it

The fact of the matter is that you won’t get 100% to RSVP yes, with or without a pandemic. Depending on your budget, you can get super high tech and hire someone or you can get that young aspiring film maker of a cousin of yours to help you stream it online. Let’s face it, those guests who can’t make it, will love to attend your wedding in their boxers. (At home of course!!)

Covid 19 has absolutely been awful for both wedding djs and couples alike. Together, we can make it safe and enjoyable. Hope you enjoyed reading!! 




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