The Dancing Man

The Dancing Man

This past February a man named Sean O’Brien was body shamed and bullied for dancing in public. His photo went viral on Twitter and his story made headlines!

dancing manA tribe of body-positive women tracked down O’Brien, a.k.a. “The Dancing Man,” to remind him that he can dance whenever and however he wants by inviting him to his very own dance party.

While the picture started from a place of Internet cruelty, it quickly morphed into something truly uplifting. Fairbanks, a writer for the Free Thought Project, put out a public call to find the “Dancing Man” and help throw him an epic dance party in Los Angeles. She soon tracked Dancing Man down, and, thanks to the power of the Internet, stars like Moby and Pharrell took notice and started to offer their help.

After a few months of planning and preparation, The Dancing Man finally got his dance party  — and no bullies were invited.

The festivities were organized by Dance Free Movement, and almost 1,000 people turned out to dance with the Dancing Man himself, at The Avalon nightclub in Los Angeles. The star-studded event included appearances from Monica Lewinsky, comedian Damienne Merlina and a video message from Pharrell Williams!

We wish we could have been part of this amazing event!

Maybe someday soon we can plan a big party and it’ll be a HUGE and everyone can dance and be who they are! Stay Tuned!

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