Sweet At-Home Proposal!

Sweet At-Home Proposal!


Check out this super sweet proposal between a super sweet couple.

How They Met

“We had lived next to each other for about 2 years and had mutual friends, but didn’t ever interact. Chock it up to poor timing as either I was dating someone, or he was. We finally interacted at a neighbor Christmas party and there were immediate sparks. Honestly, it was a movie script for how well we hit it off. We chatted the whole night and we’ve talked every day since.”

How He Asked

“I was 100%, completely surprised. To my knowledge, we were going to have a day date, then exchange Christmas presents, dinner with his family, and then cookie decorating night with his nieces and nephews. That morning in date preparation, he repeatedly asked me if he should shave and wanted to know which I preferred. That wasn’t a question he’d ever asked me before but at the time I didn’t think much of it. He was also paying special attention to what I was wearing asking me if I felt pretty. He so thoughtfully took care to ensure that everything about that day was perfect.

After a full day date in a neighboring town, I thought we were just going to exchange Christmas presents back at his house. Not the case. In reality, he was just getting us out of the house so his parents could set up for an engagement party. I gave him my gift (which i was VERY proud of) and he hugged me but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t exactly the response I was hoping for but he took my hand and silently led me into the sun room. As soon as I saw the lights nothing else mattered.”


“The room was filled with hundreds of candles and rose petals, all sorts of happy and photos, and little things that were special to us. He included ticket stubs from movies and concerts, books that we read together, and trinkets that we won at an arcade.”

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“He even had the candles that we used on a picnic and a mug that I made him.”


“He asked me to be his wife and of course I said YES! It was the easiest question I’ve ever been asked in my life. I immediately started crying when he told me he loved me (which was the first time).”


“At one point I got so overwhelmed with joy I had to sit down for a second, to which he responded by joining me, cross-legged on the floor.”


“We then went to his parents house and were showered with love from all our closest friends and family. Spencer made sure everyone that was important to me was there. He even had my friends fly in from Chicago and DC! He’s by far the best person I know and I am so unbelievably excited to marry him. One last fun fact: he proposed exactly one year after we met and hit it off at a Christmas party. He’s got great timing. I’m going to be a Beck!!”


Here is what Rachel’s ring looked like:


We think this was a super sweet and intimate proposal. <3

Whether you go all out to pop the question, or keep it a moment just for you two, it will be a memory you both will cherish and remember forever!

Oh and do we need to tell you who should be part of the wedding?! ME..duh!

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