Supercharge Your Event with Special Effects

Supercharge Your Event with Special Effects

Corporate events can inspire, motivate, and energize your employees and clients. But, for a truly supercharged event, you need to think creatively, especially if your event includes a party or celebration. Using special effects can set the right mood and ignite the crowd at just the right time.


If you think of lighting as something merely practical, think again. Lighting affects the way people feel and behave. The placement, color, and intensity of light can create mood and ignite excitement. For example, low, soft lights can quiet a crowd and then build suspense as they’re gradually increased in brightness for a dramatic reveal. 

Color can also be used to energize an event. Changing colors and angles of lighting can draw everyone’s attention and accent focal points. You can also project patterns and images, such as the company’s logo. For key moments in a celebration, consider a full light show.


To truly energize your guests, keep them involved and engaged using action. Slideshows on video screens or projected on a wall can showcase your company’s achievements or feature team members at their best. Live simulcasts can bring the action to all parts of the venue. You may also want to livestream the event for those who can’t attend.

For social events or evening receptions, live music or a DJ can get your guests moving and interacting with one another. You may also want to consider hosting a live entertainment show. For example, inviting a comedian or celebrity impersonator to put on a show is both memorable and mood-enhancing.  


Nothing adds more sparkle to a celebration than pyrotechnics. If you can’t do outdoor fireworks, bring them indoors. Colored flames, smoke, and sparks rising from a stage can frame an introduction or grand entrance. You can time the pyrotechnic effects to go off at key moments, such as announcements or product reveals.

Confetti cannons also signal celebration. Place several around the venue to blast out colorful confetti to rain down on your guests. Let your audience join in by handing out miniature confetti poppers. 

If your goal is to cheer on your team or celebrate an achievement, you can get everyone excited by making clever use of special effects. Whether with dramatic lighting, sensational live acts, bursts of sparkle, or a combination of effects, you make your event fun and memorable for everyone.

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