(STRIPPER-FREE) Bachelor Party Ideas

(STRIPPER-FREE) Bachelor Party Ideas

We all know the traditional bachelor party ideas before the wedding involves strippers, booze, and then more strippers. That’s all fine and cool.

BUT…we know you can do better. You can get more creative than that. In addition to the ho-hum routine of pole-dancing and beer, consider mixing it up with the following ideas:

Hunt. Even if your guys who don’t usually go hunting—it’s an adventure. Guys. Guns. Cases of beer. What could go wrong?

Play poker.  Grill steaks, get beer and play some casino games! (PS – we offer casino tables with dealers)

Camp. Beers around the campfire—stars in the sky and clear air—is just the right contrast to the madness of wedding planning.

Golf. But only if the groom actually—you know—likes to golf. Otherwise it feels forced, rote, and awkward. If someone influential eagerly suggests, “Hey guys—let’s do golf!” others might feel obligated just out of peer pressure. Feel out the groom’s honest interest-level.

Alcohol Tasting. Besides the standard alcohol drinking. Arranging your own private “tasting” at a posh bar—lets you class-up an ordinary bar experience.

Take a trip. Ideally, to someplace fun and quirky, like Graceland, Atlantic City, or the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Kill each other. Virtually, if your group is into video games, a weekend of HaloGrand Theft Auto, or Madden could be the perfect (if nerdy) way to relieve stress. If you do this, just lie to other friends and tell them you hit a strip-club.

Ski. The Plunge’s favorite bachelor parties are the ones that incorporate both rugged outdoors and drunken revelry. Skiing fits the bill: a few runs on the slopes, a few bourbons in the lodge. Bonus? Ski bunnies. Also, did you know you could go to a ranch and do ranch work? Not sure how you feel about it but there you go.

Rent a beach house. When enough guys chip in, renting a house is cheaper than hotels, gives you an Old School-type vibe, and increases the odds that the groom, at some point, will vomit. This is the goal of every good bachelor party. (Unless, of course, the bachelor party is the night before the wedding. Which you would never schedule, right?)

Play paintball. Only two rules: 1) You have to let the groom’s team win. 2) You can’t let the groom know that you’re letting him win.

Go white water rafting. Plenty of organizations now offer multi-day, pre-planned, guided rafting trips that require no knowledge, experience, or sobriety.

FishMaybe. Obviously, this depends on the personality of the groom. Some guys will find it boring—profoundly so—to stare, for hours and hours, at a tranquil sea of water. He’ll get enough of this tedium in marriage.

Cigars. Splurge on a swanky cigar lounge and smoke cigars that you would never, ever ordinarily justify buying. If not now, when?

Skydive. Most guys want to go skydiving…but never do because of the eye-popping cost. (Hundreds of dollars for only a few minutes fun) Like cigar tasting, you might as well live it up now. Plus group rates are always cheaper.

 Take in a game. If you can swing it, get box seats. If you can’t, just get really, really drunk. Either way, pony up the cash to get seats you would never usually afford.

Rent dirt bikes. Or dune buggies, ATVs, race Ferraris or anything else that provides at least a 13% chance of death.

Feast on steak. Maybe your group has tons of dough but can’t find a weekend to all get away. No problem: rent a limo and go for a steak dinner. Especially if this is not the kind of lifestyle your groom is used to, this will make him feel like royalty.

Oh and how could we forget?! Take this quiz to see how your bachelor party will go! We custom made it for you, and be sure to share your results so your groomsmen so they can see what to expect. Lastly, guys, take a look here for inspiration for your wedding outfits and just everyday, we got you. 

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