Same Sex Marriage Advice

Same Sex Marriage Advice

LOVE IS LOVE: Same Sex Marriage Advice

Stress, stress, and more stress. Planning a wedding is very stressful and it can be even
more stressful when the couple is a non-traditional bride or groom. When dealing with
same sex weddings, there are some secret tips that will help you along the way because
the bottom line is Stress is Stress and LOVE IS LOVE!

1. Don’t Worry About Traditions

Be unique! Instead of doing what you should do and what most straight couples
do that resemble wedding traditions, it is all up to you. Don’t be discouraged into
thinking you have to do everything the way everyone else does who are brides or
grooms. Your ceremony line up can be made anyway you want and its all up to
you and your significant other. Anyways, this is your special day and people are
coming to see you both, not worrying about traditions for weddings. Start your
own set of traditions!

2. Wedding Parties With a Twist

When choosing who you want at the alter with you, why would you have to
choose the same sex? Maybe you have a best friend that’s the opposite sex as
you. Bridesmen and Groomsmaids do exist, just not many people know about it
and it would make your wedding more personal and special to all that attend. It
would also make you feel better knowing that you don’t have to stick with the
norm and can twist it up if you want to. Instead of calling them your bridesmaids,
make a funky group name to call them and have fun with it. After all it is YOUR
wedding and you can make up your own rules and things to add.

3. The First Dance

Is the first dance a spotlight moment or do you think it would be awkward. It’s up
to you. You can waltz together or have all the guests already on the floor with an
upbeat song.

4. Deciding What to Wear

A typical guy wears a tux and a lady wears a pretty long white wedding dress, but
that’s not always the case. If you are a female and you are more masculine and
don’t like to wear dresses, that’s ok. Women can wear tux’s, matching or not or
one wearing a wedding dress. Color can add to your fashion style. Wear what

you want because it is your day and you want to look the best you can look and
feel amazing wearing it. Your guests are there for you. What a great way to
personalize your wedding by showing your style in your wedding attire.

5. What Should the Officiant Say?

Instead of "I now pronounce you husband and wife", you need to really think about the
words you want to hear. Is it bride and bride or groom and groom?' Other choices could
be 'Equally wed?' Or you can write your own and speak to your officiant. Same sex
weddings are more common so the officiant should have options for you to choose from.
If you are not comfortable ask for an officiant who has performed other gay –friendly

6. Should You Change Your Name?

If you are considering this after you are official, this is easy to do. Request a certified
copy of your marriage license after the marriage is registered with the courts. Then take
that to the DMV and have your name changed on your license. Next, change it on your
social security card by going to the Social Security Administration office.

Remember that marriage is serious and weddings are stressful, it can be worse for a
same sex couple. It is a blessing when you both want to commit to marriage and have
clear goals and expectations.


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