Selecting Your Perfect Wedding Location

Selecting Your Perfect Wedding Location

Things to Consider When Selecting Your Perfect Wedding Location

When planning your perfect day the location of your wedding is just as important as

selecting that perfect wedding dress. Here are a few tips and advice to take into

consideration when picking that perfect venue to “WOW” all your guests.

– Pick the theme and establish the celebration you want.

Before diving into researching different locations and venue descriptions it is

important to know what kind of theme or celebration you want your guests to

experience. Picking the specific theme can ease your mind on picking that perfect


– Selecting the Venue: “Location, Location, Location”

When picking the location venue for your wedding. For many it is important to

select a location that is easy for your guests to get to.

If planning a destination wedding in another state or country you need to think

about how all guests will be getting there. In terms of the actual location, it is

important to pick a venue that can accommodate all your guests and is roomy

enough to fit everyone attending.

-Driving and Traffic Considerations

It’s worth the time and effort to consider the total driving time for your guests and

traffic especially during rush hour that many of us face on a daily basis. If your

dream location is quiet a distance for some guests, try picking a place near hotels

where your guests can have a good time and won’t have to travel a long distance late

at night.

Whether it’s your co-workers, friends, or family who enjoy drinking at celebrations

it is defiantly reassuring to have these accommodations near the prime location of

the wedding you are planning. If some guests are traveling by plane it certainly is

helpful to make sure there is an airport nearby. Including a map on wedding

invitations is always a plus since many navigation tools like Google maps is not

always 100% accurate.


By identifiying the style of you’re wedding and determining the important elements

to include can narrow down your venue search that will put your mind at ease.

What kind of event style do you want? Will it be a traditional wedding or an exotic

wedding? An outside wedding or an inside wedding? Black Tie or Informal? These

are all some considerations to take into account when picking the style of your

special day! Your style can determine what location is the right fit for you.

-Guest Count

A confirmed guest count is almost always required for venues 60-90 days in

advance prior to the wedding. A confirmed guest count is required 72 hours prior to

the wedding as well. Many venues want a deposit beforehand based on the number

of people attending.

Having a solid estimate of the guest list early will help to better understand venue

costs. This way you can better plan your wedding budget and can better select the

best venue for your ceremony that fits right into your budget.

-The Weather Factor

The weather is defiantly something that can make or break any celebration. When

choosing a venue the specific time of the year is important and the time of the day is

also something to take into account.

Summer weddings will perform great outside and winter wedding may be more

suitable to be inside. Outside summer weddings may be better during the dark

hours since the air is cooler, guests can avoid being blinded by the sun, and one

extra bonus everyone gets to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

You can also inform guests on your location map to bring sunglasses, hats or

sunscreen if you rather have a midday wedding. However, in some instances the

weather can always turn up to be surprising and unpredictable so it is always better

to have an inside location, tent, or space available nearby in the event that it may be

cold or rainy.

-Special Requirements

Many venue locations have strict rules and regulations that must be followed.

Picking a location that fits your guest needs will allow them to have a better time at

your celebration.

If alcohol is going to be consumed it is essential to make sure the venue will allow it

or if they are licensed to serve alcohol. If dancing and your favorite band are

essential for your celebration, call to check up if the specific venue will allow it. If

some guests are vegans or want a kosher food on the menu, it is necessary to plan

for them as well.

Thinking about all these elements can help to limit your venue selection to making

the right decision. All these special factors are important to take into consideration

before signing any venue contract.


Parking may be important to consider if you are getting married in an urban

location, in a main city like Los Angeles, and New York City. Places like these two

busy cities, parking can be quiet a challenge and hassle for many.

Depending on your certain location, the handy location map on your invitations with

a note suggesting carpooling, valet parking, or any shuttle bus services is helpful to

include so guests know what to expect. Include if there is a parking garage with the

fee and how much it will cost per vehicle. This way high parking fees or when they

can’t find a spot to put their cars won’t surprise this way guests.

-Lockdown your Event Date and Making an Appointment

Determining when your event date is crucial in choosing a venue location. If you

have a special date in mind it is advisable to check upon the venues that can

accommodate your special wedding date before locking yourself to one place.

Now reviewing all the above tips in the selection of your perfect wedding venue, it is

now the time to make venue appointments from your list of considerable locations

rather than just taking a drive-by.

You are now ready to make the best venue decision for the most memorable day of

your life that you will enjoy with all your loved ones!

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