Featured Wedding: Mecca Wedding

Featured Wedding: Mecca Wedding

Mystical Entertainment Group had the pleasure of partying with the new Mr. & Mrs. Mecca on March 15th at The Valley Regency in Clifton, NJ. The couple had their first dance accompanied with the breath-taking dance on clouds effect and it was unforgettable.

As a surprise, Kristiann and John teamed up to bring along Svet, the incredibly talented hip-hop violinist. On display was Mystical’s Premier Package paired with our amazing saxophonist.  The team at Mystical shut off all of the lights at the Valley Regency after dinner, rolled out an LED stage to the dance floor, SPOTLIGHT and here appears SVET to woo the guests. (SVET has opened for artists such as Usher, Jamie Foxx and Cee-Lo Green)

Mystical created a unique and one of a kind monogram for awesome couple inspired by the Michael Kors logo.

Guests were not shy about dancing and we even caught a few dance battles. It was an awesome time for us and we hoped everyone enjoyed their time as well!

So we caught up with the couple and asked how they enjoyed their big day.

How did you two meet?
We were both at a mutual friends graduation party, we were both sitting on the same table in the back of the room. Michael knew others at the table, I knew none! I just took a seat and before you knew it we were across the table from each other. Michael says he looked up and saw my smile and that was it for him. We spent the rest of the night talking but Michael didn’t ask for my number! Thanks to our friends Michael got my number and a few days later called me and then rest is.. A fairy tale. Just like the prince finding the glass slipper!

When did you realize you were in love?
We both really felt it was fate… And to be totally cheesy it was love at first sight. We’ve had the cinderella thing going on from the start.

How important was music for you both for your wedding day?
Oh very important! Music is our soundtrack and along the years we have just fell in love with songs and lyrics and as we started planning our wedding we knew when we wanted certain songs played. John was so great in making them all fit!

How did you hear about Mystical Entertainment?

Michael worked at the Valley Regency and he said hands down, they put on the best wedding! We went to Mystical right away!

How was it working with M.E. for your big day?
AMAZING, I couldn’t have asked for anything better, John worked so hard at putting it all together for us, and The rest of the team was remarkable… I’m pretty sure our guests didn’t leave the dance floor all night! Also, John helped me surprise not only our guests but my husband with a rocker/hip-hop violinist! Svet was one of the highlights of the night! Not to mention the CO2 gun shots which totally shocked us with amazement! From our introductions to dancing our first dance on actual clouds our night was simply perfect! A month later all our guests are still talking about that our wedding the best wedding hands down they ever been to! Our night had more surprises and effects than a Katy Perry concert lol! We also wanted different genres of music played and Mystical Entertainment’s website was so easy to use. Selecting music and putting in our information was a breeze.

Advice for the bride and groom.. Enjoy your wedding! After all it is for you! Stop and look around and take it all in that everyone is there for you two…it’s an incredible feeling. Don’t worry about having to go around saying hello and getting stressed out; it sounds selfish but we didn’t care because we knew if we did the night would just pass us by. We promised each other that we would enjoy our night no matter what! We danced, laughed, ate and drank it was simply perfect! Our guest came up to us and we simply enjoyed every single second because the night flew by!

For the NEWLYWEDS… Now you’re married, it should be better than ever. Enjoy the next stage, the wedding may be memories but it’s about the marriage enjoy each other and all the things to come! Your husband and wife now! Make sure you always say you love each other and do what you can together, after all your best friends and that’s your fairy tale!

Check out the video!!


Thanks for choosing Mystical to be a part of your awesome wedding!! We only hope that you can party with ME again!!!

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