How To Save For A Dream Wedding

How To Save For A Dream Wedding

How To Save For A Dream Wedding

During the early stages of the wedding planning process can be very overwhelming to many couples
since that big to-do list has many expenses that go along with it. A wedding is one event that can cost
way more than many realize. However, there are many alternatives that couples should consider to save
more money in their pockets. So the question is how can you actually afford the wedding you have been
dreaming of? Don’t worry we gathered a list of various ways that can essentially lower your overall
wedding expenses while giving you both one wedding day that will be unforgettable.

9 Cost-Saving Tactics to Consider:

1. Decide what cost is the most important to you
As a couple you both should sit down to discuss what cost is the most important that your both willing
to spend more on and what costs are least important for the wedding. For example, a glamorous venue
may be more important to the both of you rather than the table setting decorations. Therefore, the
venue may be one area you are willing to spend more on whereas other services such as, the
entertainment or the catering may not be as important. Once you both decide which cost is essential to
have, you can start budgeting your money for other services that you may want to purchase as your
wedding day gets closer. Once you get that big cost out of the way that of course makes you both
happy, will open other doors on what else can be affordable for the wedding.

2. Have an off-season wedding or a winter wedding
Many weddings take place in the beginning of fall and during all summer months. It only makes sense
since the weather is typically nicer during these times in many locations. This is the time vendor’s rack
up their prices due to high demand so they try to make the most money possible. If you’re more of a
budget conscious couple deciding to have your wedding during the off-season and during the winter
months can save you a bundle. A winter wedding can defiantly cut all costs in half dramatically. Vendors
will also be more focused on making your wedding spectacular since they will typically have fewer
clients they have to deal with. Many vendors also offer discounted services in order to increase more
demand for themselves during their slow off-season months. So considering a winter wedding, can save
a lot more money than many realize.


3. Have a destination wedding
When thinking of a destination wedding many may stir away from this possibility since many think that
it may cost way more than having a local wedding. In some instances though, it can actually be cheaper
believe it or not. Many hotels can assist in the planning of your wedding if having the reception and
ceremony at a hotel that provides this service for you. All the couple really has to do is book the hotel
and show up especially, if your guests are more than willing to travel for your wedding day. Fewer
guests will be involved in some cases since traveling may conflict with their daily schedules but this
could be a good thing because having fewer guests is always cheaper. The destination wedding may very
well be where you would like to spend your honeymoon as well so in this situation there is no extra
traveling needed. That way costs will be lowered since you won’t have to spend more money on other
traveling accommodations or on more airline flights. Don’t be in rush to cross a destination wedding off
your list, keep it in the back of your mind if you wish to save money. Destination weddings can also cost
less money if booked during the off-season since many hotels tend to lower their prices during these
months as well.

4. Have the wedding party and ceremony at the same location
A smart way to cut expenses is to have your wedding party and ceremony at the same location. This way
you won’t have to place a deposit on two locations. You will only have to spend one cost since both
gatherings will be at the same location. Your guests will also find this convenient since they won’t have
to be worry about traveling to another location for your reception. You’ll be saving on other venue
charges and decorations. While the other room is getting prepped for the reception you can have all
guests enjoy a cocktail hour until the room is ready for the party. This will keep you and all your guests
entertain until it’s time for the party to begin.

5. Narrow down the guest list
Every couple knows that the more guests attending the wedding the more expensive all services
included will be. Considering narrowing down the guest list can cut all services costs such as the catering
and seating arrangements. With fewer guests fewer things will need to be provided for them. Pick those
guests that are the closest to the both of you and those guests you know will one-hundred percent show
up for you. If the budget is tight cutting the guests list can help a ton when trying to save money. You
can use your money towards something the both of you will enjoy such as the honeymoon.

6. Set up a savings and budget plan
Planning ahead when it comes to expenses can assist the happy couple-to- be to realize what is actually
affordable. Sit down with one another to set up a budget or to set a limit on how much each of you is
willing to spend on the wedding. This way you won’t have to overspend on any services and will still
have plenty of money left over in case other expenses were to arise. Opening up a wedding savings
account may also help since the money in that account will only go towards wedding expenses. Couples
can start saving money months or years ahead so that way when it comes times to start planning you

will have way more money that you started out with to spend on the wedding to make it as glamorous
as you expected it to be.

7. Cut back on monthly expenses
During the planning process a good way to save cash in your pocket is to consider not spending as much
as you typically would. Yes, the plain truth is weddings are expensive so the more cash on hand the
easier it will be to plan that wedding you have be dreaming of. You will have more money in your pocket
towards those services that will make your wedding day one that you and your guests will never forget.
If having a spectacular wedding is important to you it is only wise to consider cutting down on your
spending so that way you will have more options that you can afford.

8. Ladies, rent the wedding dress!
Weddings dresses is one expense that can be very high and many dresses can cost a fortune.
Remember, this is just one dress that you are hoping to only wear once so why spend thousands on a
dress when it can easily be rented for the night instead. By renting a dress can cut this cost in half and is
way cheaper than buying the dress. Checking out discounted sites that offer un-wore wedding dresses
can be cheaper as well and it a great cost saving option. If having a high a fashion wedding dress is not
all that important to you, renting it can save the bride a ton of money that can go towards other
incentives that may be more important to you such as getting your hair or makeup done that will make
you look more fabulous than ever.

9. Attend a wedding or bridal showcase
Before the high season of weddings is about to begin many entertainment companies and vendors will
provide their clients with the opportunity to attend a wedding or bridal showcase at their offices. At
these types of showcases a lot of various vendors will be in attendance to provide couples-to- be with
the best service options at a relatively discounted rate. All vendors will be placed at different tables
trying to sell their services that they are willing to give at lower cost. Many magazines, coupons, and
take home gifts will also be given out to provide you with the best inspiration possible at a considerably
reasonable cost that will be hard to resist. Here at Mystical Entertainment, don’t forget to attend our
bridal showcase on April 23 rd , 2017 to get the best deals on all your wedding necessities. Those in
attendance to our upcoming bridal showcase will also have the opportunity to win a free mirror booth
rental! Make to register your space before tickets are sold out you won’t sorry that you came out to join

All these various ways can help any couple to get the most of their money without having to spend that
a fortune on a wedding that will only last one night. At Mystical Entertainment we are also here to help
with any services you wish. We offer plenty of wedding packages that might interest you since many of
our packages offer an abundance of services at a discounted rate. We promise to work our best to meet
your desired budget as well to make your wedding one night that you will remember for the rest of your

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