So more than likely you’ve heard about this kid Zayn Malik leaving the popular boy band, One Direction. Don’t lie, you definitely heard about it, whether you care or not is the real question.
In 2010, the group stared on the popular British televised competition X Factor. From there, their careers took off! They became another boy band that girls could become obsessed with, and they did!
From their first hit song “What Makes You Beautiful,” to “Story of My Life”…

they took over the charts and become the number one talked about group IN HISTORY! Yes, in all of music history! Or at least until the next boy band forms.
So now, with Zayn leaving the famous group, girls are losing their sh*t. He is the group’s ‘bad boy’ and what girl doesn’t like a bad boy?

The way this news broke was that Zayn was planning to take a break due to stress and exhaustion due to the fame.
As said by the crying ‘Directioners’ “he quit out of nowhere!” Although he’s alive and well, people have had candlelight vigils, and have created the hashtag #ripzaynmalik and #alwaysinourheartzaynmalik.


So what’s this mean!? Nothing really unless you are a diehard Directioner.
BUT, you better believe the next time Mystical Entertaiment Group plays a One Direction song at a wedding, Sweet 16, Quinceanera or school dance, everyone will reminisce to better days when there was 5 instead of 4. Or not, who knows.

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