This Couple Remarried Each Other 23 Years After Getting Divorced

Roz and Ian Ellis probably didn’t worry about any wedding superstitions before they got married Jan. 9 — they’d already tied the knot once already, nearly 48 years earlier.


Their first wedding was Dec. 21, 1968, a little more than a year after they first met.2

“It wasn’t quite love at first sight, but there was definitely an attraction!” Roz told BT of meeting Ian at her parents’ hotel in early 1967. “One day I went to a dance and Ian took me home — the rest is history. It was quite a whirlwind romance.”

They had three children during their 23-year marriage. Their initial spark wasn’t enough to keep them together, and they divorced in 1991. Still, they didn’t lose touch.3

“It was just one of those things — we drifted apart and decided to call it a day,” Roz said. “We stayed friendly, and we’d see each other at family gatherings.”

Both remarried, but after both of their spouses passed away, they found themselves reconnecting at one of their son’s weddings in 2013.4

They spent so much time with each other over the course of the wedding that they kept it up once they returned home, going to shows and out to dinner.

“We waited a while to tell people, but I think my son Ian had his suspicions at the wedding that there might be a spark between us again,” Roz said.

They moved back in together in May 2014, and decided to remarry in Jan. 2015.

Twenty-three years after their divorce, they celebrated their second go at marriage with their children and eight grandchildren in attendance.5

“Our first wedding was a big traditional affair, so we didn’t feel the need to do it again — we decided to keep it quite low-key with our family and friends,” said Roz, who now wears her original wedding ring again. “Everyone said it was such a lovely romantic story — I never thought we’d get married again, but I’m so happy that we did.”

Never lose faith in love, people!



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