Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

Winter is coming!

And while wedding season might be June through October, there are plenty of perks to tying the knot during the colder less common months. Need proof? These stunning winter wedding details certainly make the most of the season.

1. You can give “trim the tree” a whole different meaning by pairing pieces of evergreens with your escort cards or place cards.


2. Christmas lights make for instant and effortless photo backdrops.2

3. If you were looking for an excuse to wear a luxurious faux fur stole, a winter wedding is it!3

4. Frothy, creamy drinks will be a welcome addition at the bar.


5. Your photographer can take shots with a snowy white background, so all the details really pop.5

6. Pinecones mixed in with muted flowers make your bouquet seasonally spectacular.6

7. A color palette of warm jewel tones like ruby, emerald, and amethyst will look absolutely amazing.7

8. You can serve warm drinks (boozy or not), like hot chocolate and apple cider.8

9. Seasonal motifs, like snowflakes, give your wedding just the right amount of whimsy.9

10. You and your new spouse can take photos wrapped up in the coziest blanket ever.10

11. Roses are in season!11

12. With a cool color palette, your wedding will look like an actual winter wonderland. Swoon!12


Wedding season doesn’t just happen in the summer anymore!  The newest and most popular service is the snow machine. We love giving clients the biggest and best events.

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