Points to Remember for your Wedding Invitations

Points to Remember for your Wedding Invitations

Points to Remember for your Wedding Invitations

When it comes to your wedding, you want everything to come out impeccable especially your invitation cards. However, these tips are here to help!

Check out these essential tips that are vital for your wedding invitation cards:

Include Reception: The reception is the most important part—guests need to be

informed where your special ceremony will be located. Therefore, you cannot

forget the information about the reception. Mention whether the reception will

take place at the same location of the ceremony or somewhere else. Also do not

forget to include the time the reception will take place. Refer to the photo above

for a creative example of how to include your reception into your invitation cards!

Proof Reading: Remember you are sending out close to one hundred—if not

more invitations for your wedding. Therefore, proof reading is extremely

important! A misspelled word or forgetting crucial information will haunt you until

the day of your wedding.

Our advice to you is:

1. Read to yourself and then read your invitation aloud.

2. Next, hand over your invitations to your friends and family for a more

close examination. (Minimum three people)

You’d be surprised at the little things you may miss. Make sure you look over the

proofs send to you and pay attention to the special details such as the date, time,

venue, and spelling of course.

Directions and Map of Venue: You want your guests at your wedding day

therefore valid directions are beneficial. Include valid directions in your wedding

invitation card for the members who do not use a GPS. Guests need to be aware

of the location in order to arrive promptly. These directions can be posted on the

back of your invitation or on a separate card—it’s up to you!

Send All Invitations at Once: Give yourself enough time to plan out your guest

list in order to have an estimate on the number of guests attending your wedding.

Once that is settled send all your invitations out at the same time for your

convenience. This will lift a HUGE weight off your shoulder and keep things


Include an RSVP Card: Keep things old fashioned by adding RSVP cards to

your invitations. RSVP cards help organize attendance for your special day and

are easier to keep track of as opposed to emails and text messaging.

RSVP card should include:

1. RSVP date

2. Address of where the RSVP cards should be sent

3. A slot for their name

4. A slot for the number of attendees

5. A place to check off “Yes I will Attend”

6. A place to check off “No I willnot Attend”

7. An envelope to place the RVSP cards in

** A helpful tip: Make the RSVP date about 2-3 weeks before your wedding day. ALSO

when the RSVP cards come in hold on to them for proof and also check their names off

a master list to help manage your guests. **

Have Fun: Making invitations can be stressful at times but remember to have

fun! This is your day—make it what you want it!

We hope these tips bring ease to your invitation process!

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