Physical, Emotional & Mental Preparation…

Physical, Emotional & Mental Preparation…

Physical, Emotional, and Mental Preparation for the Bride-to-be 

Thinking about getting married in the next couple of months? Not sure what you should to do first in order

to feel your best? No worries, we have a few tips and advice to get you started to help lower any bridal

stress. As a bride it is important to get yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the

biggest day of your life. It’s your special day so making yourself to feel nothing but flawless is any bride’s

main goal. The day of your wedding all eyes will be on you and for sure all those flashing cameras will be

pointed towards your way therefore, you want to look and feel your absolute best.

The Physical Preparation

1. Try a new hair color

Any change is always good and trendy. Many brides want a dramatic change especially, during their big

day when all the attention is on them. Any color change is probably the most dramatic thing you can do

besides surgery such as a tummy tuck. If you’re a bride that loves to be noticed changing your hair color

is probably something to consider. If you have the time for example at least 3-6 months before your

wedding try experimenting different hair style colors that will compliment your wedding dress. As any girl

knows the main trend for hair is going lighter in the summer and going darker in the winter. If you hate

your experimenting trail with your hair you still have enough time to fix it without damaging your beautiful

locks of hair. Remember highlights are always less damaging to the hair than dye.

2. Start a new skincare regime

Flawless skin is the new move in beauty and now a days having clear skin is something everyone wants

to accomplish. If you still have a couple months before your wedding you have the time to experiment

different skin products to determine which one works the best with your skin type. Face masks have

become very popular that many are using to help remove blackheads, to help open up your pores, and

can prevent pimples from resurfacing on the skin. Moisturizing is also important to make sure that your

skin stays moist and doesn’t dry out. Consulting with a dermatologist is always a wise first step to direct

you in the right direction when it comes to choosing certain skin products. This way you will be sure to

have perfectly flawless skin on your wedding day. Lush is also a great cosmetic store that only uses

homemade natural remedies in their products which is always ten times better than using oil based

products that you may find at other cosmetic stores.

3. Eat and Drink Well

Eating and drinking well months before your wedding is probably the best thing you can for your body and

physical well-being. Eating and drinking well can lead to dramatic weight loss to reach your desired size

to fit in that wedding dress. It can also help you to get that glowing skin you’ve been dying for. For

example drinking a lot of water can help to prevent zits from appearing on the skin rather than drinking

soda which can be harmful to the skin. Fresh fruits and juices can assist in giving your body enough

vitamin C to give you that extra energy to get through each day of your planning process and beyond.

Consider talking to a nutritionist or dietitian to see what foods work well for you to get you to your desired

size for your big day!

4. Get in that corset or waist trainer ahead of time

Wishing for that hour-glass body shape that all the girls are striving for? Having curves is the new hot

trend. For example just take a look at all the celebrities flaunting those fabulous curves. In order to

accomplish this without any type of surgery wearing a corset or wearing a waist trainer once in a while

before your wedding day can help to tuck that tummy in and widen those hips. This is a sexy look that has

become extremely popular all over the world. This way you will look absolutely perfect in that wedding

dress for all your family and friends to see.

5. Get those Pearly Whites

As a bride you know you will have to be smiling for all those cameras. So making those teeth extra white

is good for your hygiene and to get that perfect smile in any picture you take with your family, friends, and

future hubby. Any dentist can help to get those pearly whites. There are also products that are sold in any

drugstore such as white stripes that can help to whiten those teeth for your wedding that will look amazing

with that white dress you will be wearing.

6. Test different cosmetic products

Weeks or months before your wedding it is wise to try out cosmetic products to make sure which makeup

products look the best and the most flawless on your skin type. Experimenting different products can help

you to cross out those products that don’t work with your skin or those certain products that may give you

allergic reaction. You now have the time to cross those products off your list. This way you will know

exactly how you will want your makeup done for your big day. Any makeup artist can be a big help for

deciding which products and brands are the best to use.

The Emotional and Mental Preparation

As every bride-to- be knows planning your wedding is one of the most magical days in a girl’s life.

However, it can turn out to be one of the most stressful planning processes and can take an emotional

and mental toll on any bride. Managing bridal and wedding stress is just as important as keeping your

health and nutrition intact. Taking various steps to keeping you physically and emotionally healthy will

help to ease your mind and can lower stress dramatically. This way you can feel more relaxed during the

long duration of the planning process and during your special day that you will remember for years to

come. Here are a few ways to lower high levels of stress:

1. Mediation

Mindfulness Mediation: This is a very popular trend that many are doing on a daily basis to calm nerves

and to release high tension in the body. It can be done anywhere such as relaxing in a scenery location to

even in the comfort of your own bedroom. The purpose is to release the tension in the physical body

through breathing. This can be done by sitting up or lying down. At first focus on your breathing as you

inhale and exhale. It is important to focus on each breathe to reach the goal of complete relaxation. As

you continue to breathe, focus on each body part for about 60 seconds from your toes all the way to the

top of your body. This will release that stressful tension on each exhale.

Focused Mediation: This can be done the same way as mindfulness mediation however it is done in such

a way that your mind focuses on one thing that calms you down and brings you to a happy place. This

focus can be on a memory, person, or place to quiet your mind down to bring your attention to one thing.

This way those bad thoughts will be released from your mind and ultimately will feel more peaceful.

2. Rest

Sleeping: Get that beauty sleep! It balances your hormones, helps to manage stress and overall will help

you feel more refreshed to tackle any task with a fresh mind. It is important to aim towards at least 7-9

hours of sleep to feel completely rested the next day. A dark room, a smoothing quiet background noise,

or sleep masks can help to get the best possible sleep. Sleep is important for any bride-to- be to feel less

stressed before their big wedding day.

Acupuncture: This is one remedy that has been used for various years to lower stress. How it works is

acupuncturists insert each needle half millimeter away from a nerve which can cause the nervous system

to produce painkilling chemicals to jump start the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It can also lower any

type of anxiety as well as balance the part of the brain that controls our emotions.

3. Movement

Walking: Emotions is what people feel every day. Some emotions are better than others and through

movement such as walking is the fastest way to change any mental state that you may be feeling.

Anyone can use walking or movement as a way to de-stress. It will help release any bad thoughts or

tensions in the body that can be released. Any movement for at least 15 minutes will help to achieve

this goal and starting the day with movement is the best way to start any day with good emotions. This

can be done from any kind of movement such as walking, power walking, jumping, or even swimming.

Yoga: This is one activity that has been extremely popular in recent years. It is a great way to stretch

the body out and can increase your fitness level before your big day. Yoga increases muscle strength,

muscle tone, flexibility, and helps to reduce stress in the nervous system. Other things it helps is our

energy levels to give us more power to accomplish daily tasks and at the same time can help our

bodies to feel more relaxed. Another plus is it can assist in burning that extra fat that you may feel self-

conscious about.

4. Mind

Journaling: Writing things down in the morning when you just wake up can ease anyone’s mind and can

help us to remember things that may cross our minds. This can help calm our stresses of starting a

hectic day of various duties. It can assist many in clarifying, prioritizing, and can synchronize the day

that lies ahead of us. Writing things down can help any bride become more familiar with the things that

need to be done in a timely manner. This way you will become more organized and ready to accomplish

all the duties on your busy wedding list.

All these steps can help to reduce the anxiety and stress of planning any gathering especially for a big

wedding day. Preparation is important for your state of mind and to make you feel your absolute best for

the most important day of your life. You will feel more peaceful with yourself and will be able to focus

your attention on daily planning routines to ensure that your wedding is just as spectacular as you

pictured it to be!

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