Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Add Fun to Your Corporate Event

Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Add Fun to Your Corporate Event

If you want your corporate event to be memorable for years to come, break out of the box and get creative in planning your event activities. When your guests are active and entertained, they will leave the event happy, engaged, and ready to act. Here are a few ways to add fun to your event.

Hire a Caricature Artist

Whether your event involves executives, employees, vendors, or the public, a caricature artist can help you generate goodwill. A caricature artist can make quick drawings of your guests that emphasize their interests and individuality. Crowds always gather to watch, so your guests will be encouraged to mingle and chat.

A caricature artist doesn’t need much space and can work in just about any venue, indoors or outdoors, provided there’s sufficient light. Each person who has a caricature drawn walks away with a souvenir and a lasting memory of your event.

Play Games

Team-building games are popular at employee events. You may also have used simple games at trade show booths like spinning the wheel for a prize or coupon. But, for larger corporate events, think about adding an assortment of carnival games.

If your event is outdoors, such as a company picnic, you can transform your space into a carnival, with games like a basketball shoot or a giant inflatable dartboard. Or, if you’re brave enough, consider a dunk tank. Indoors, a cornhole tournament can generate fun competition among teams and individuals.

Serve Fun Food

If you have carnival games, you must have carnival food like cotton candy, snow cones, and a hot dog cart. Fresh-popped popcorn is always appreciated. For an outdoor event, you may also be able to arrange food trucks to come around.

Even if you are serving a catered dinner, you will probably need snacks for breaks. People won’t remember the assortment of cookies and fruit on a hallway table, but they will remember hot soft pretzels or a hand-scooped ice cream cone.  

Whatever the purpose of your corporate event, you don’t have to follow a formula. Dull, boring events leave your guests uninspired and unimpressed. Your company can stand out from the rest and build a favorable impact if you think creatively when planning your event activities.

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