No No’s Before the Wedding

No No’s Before the Wedding

No No’s Before the Wedding

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Ever thought about what you should escape from doing the week before your wedding?

From having a checklist of what TO DO and knowing what you have left on those last

minute checkpoints, consider what you should NOT DO instead of what you have left to

do. This will be more beneficial so that you can avoid all of the mistakes that could

result in a downfall or extra stress coming your way.

Last Minute Crafting:

Do not procrastinate on DIY-ing your last minute

decorations and extra projects that you had pinned on Pinterest. Have everything done

in advance so that all you should be caring about is your makeup, hair, and having

fun! Waiting last minute can end badly and your projects could fall apart or not come out

how you expected!

Skipping a Meal:

Food brings you energy and if you skip meals and don’t eat, you

will become hungry and angry, resulting in becoming ‘Hangry!’ Never skip a

meal and blame it on being too busy. This is an important factor to stay healthy for your

special day and not feel sick the day of. Nobody likes a hangry bridezilla!

Staying awake:

Not getting enough sleep is a HUGE no-no! It’s your big day and you need sleep so you’re not a zombie at your

own wedding or wake up with dark circles under your eyes. Getting your beauty sleep will ensure that

you will look your best, feel your best, and be on your best mood.

Serious Conversations:

This should not happen because you should not be

waiting last minute to have a serious conversation with your almost spouse. Make sure

that everything is talked about in advance so that neither of you are second guessing

being together after all this stress and planning. Before you get engaged, conversations

that have to do with where you will live, how many children do you both want, and

discussing future plans so that both of you are on the same page is a must.

Changing your hairstyle:

Wanting to try-out a different style or color to your

hair the week before is something that should not be tried. You can have an image in

your head of a look you like for the future, but do not play around with your hair a week

before your wedding. To play it safe, keep your hair the way it is and for the style you

have planned to be done for your wedding. Anything drastic will be a shock and

something you will not be used to. Try to choose something that you had a trial on and

will have enough time to fix if any problems should arise.

Having Sunburn:

If you know that you will be outside, make sure that you put

on heavy sunscreen. Burning your body is the least thing you want for your wedding.

Not only will you look like a tomato, but also you will want to be applying aloe to your

body all day and night. Wear sunscreen or avoid the sun for the week before your event

to be safe and not peeling for your wedding.

New workouts:

It is great to still be active and workout, but do not over extend

your workouts. This will result with being sore and you could potentially pull a muscle.

Having to chat with family and friends all day and dance will not be fun if your muscles

are sore and achy. Try to keep the same workouts you have been doing and nothing

crazy new like wanting to try that new class your gym is having.

Completing everything by yourself:

Let friends and family help you

finish your tasks that you need so that you can enjoy some time to yourself. Delegate

tasks and let others in on your checklist so that everyone can pitch in some of their time

instead of giving all of your time. This will make things go easier on you and will

bring you less stress. Last minute tasks when you need to start getting yourself ready can

be annoying, so let others in on what you have left to check up on. Then you can enjoy

the nail salon and have time to cleanse yourelf!

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