More FAQs answered

More FAQs answered

Here are some more of our most asked questions answered for you!


  1. Why aren’t any of your prices listed online?

As much as we’d love to put pricing on our site, it’s hard to give exact pricing when our packages are 100% customizable! Plus, our A La Carte items like Dance on Clouds, uplighting, and custom monogram are very popular and they can change the pricing. Also, we often give discounts, depending on how you heard of us, who recommended you, if you’re a repeat client etc.

  1. Is a deposit required?

A 30% deposit is required after signing your contract. This secures your event and ensures your date and items for your event are held.

  1. What are the forms of payment?

We accept a couple forms of payment. They are by check, CC or cash. We recommend by check or cash since the CC payments come with a 3% transaction fee.

  1. What if the event lasts longer than scheduled?

We understand if you’re having such a good time you don’t want to end your party with us! With extended events, we do have an overtime fee but we can discuss cost closer to your date so we both know what to expect.

  1. How do I send pictures for the photo montage without dropping them off in person?

For photo montages, since we usually recommend about 60 photos, we have created a Dropbox account to easily send photos. If you have photos to send, just reach out to us and we give you the account to send it to. If you have don’t have a Dropbox account, no worries, we’ll help! Just ask us how!

Always reach out when you’re unsure or have questions! That’s what we’re here for.

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