Mitzvah Edition: If I Could Go Back

Mitzvah Edition: If I Could Go Back

Mitzvah Edition: If I Could Go Back

If I can go back and do it again…

Years pass by and you reflect on your mitzvah from looking at old pictures of videos from that

day or a conversation arises about how it was. Did you ever wish that there were some things

you could have known before you planned your Mitzvah? Were there any problems or rough

times throughout your event that you wanted to jump into the past and fix?

You keep telling yourself… If only I can go back and do it again… Here are suggestions from

people we interviewed….

Tip 1.

Always, Always. Always keep the kids entertained—spend more money on this rather than the

food for the kids, this can be done with starting the children with entertainment even during the

cocktail hour and separating from the adults. They were not interested in the food as much as

socializing and having fun. Some may eat and wonder around the food, but it was observed that

many just wanted to dance and be involved in the activities instead of eating a full meal.

Tip 2.

Remember that this is the opposite for the Adults!!!! The adults are very interested in good food

as well as being entertained. Feed the adults! You can have a sit down dinner served to the adults

and a buffet for the kids with kid’s friendly foods that they can grab whenever they want.

Tip 3.

Referrals are the key!!!! When hiring a DJ, make sure you go with a well-known referral and

company such as Mystical Entertainment that has performed at hundreds of events. If the DJ has

been to your venue and knows the management it can help things run smoothly. If they are

unprofessional and can not show you examples of previous events, they might not be a perfect fit

because a DJ must know how to entertain at all ages; especially for a Mitzvah.

For example, when using a one-man operation to save money and after signing the contract they

have limits to what they can offer and supply. Having only a male dancer available or a female

when you want one or the other can make a difference in the vibes of the party.

Tip 4.

Desserts are a hit for all as well as non-alcohol for the kids. If the children are too busy dancing

and dessert comes out, they will want to grab a few things to munch on and then proceed to


Tip 5.

You will get a better turnout at the ceremony if the reception follows the ceremony. Also it is

best to try to provide a bus to transport the kids. One client with a Bat Mitzvah, which we had,

the ceremony in the morning and the reception at night was that many kids did not attend the

morning ceremony and just the party at night.

Tip 6.

Make sure you are clear about family connections with the DJ!!!! At one party they celebrated 2

family birthdays on different sides of the family and the DJ assumed they were connected and

awkwardly asked them to dance together. How embarrassing is that!!!!

Tip 7.

Make sure that even if the birthday girl/guy loves to dance and wants to do that the whole time,

we have other things to do for the non-dancers. This can include breaks from the dancing to

include games that the DJ will run or photo booths for people to have fun with instead of just

dancing. They can also always take a break to munch or eat if a song comes up and they are not

feelin it.

Tip 8.

Make sure that even if the theme is geared towards a certain gender, the other gender will feel

comfortable with it. For example, having a table called Victoria’s Secret would not make a 13-

year-old boy as comfortable to sit at as American eagle would.

Tip 9.

Make sure the DJ has giveaways for both genders and all ages. Also, make sure the DJ

acknowledges all ages by incorporating classic games and music that all generations will enjoy.

This also goes with picking the right DJ who is experienced with this type of event and knows

how to entertain for all ages.

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