The Makeup Commandments

The Makeup Commandments

As a makeup artist, I have to say that makeup is an important factor for the big day. Whether it’s your wedding, Sweet 16, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or prom; you want to look like the best version you!

So hair and makeup are usually a standard expense. That doesn’t mean it needs to be a splurge, but as the saying goes, “cheap makeup isn’t good and good makeup isn’t cheap.”

  1. Thou shall: TAKE CARE OF THY OWN SKIN

If you haven’t been diligent about your skin-care routine, start now! Getting regular facials makes a big difference in your skin’s texture and helps you have the best base for makeup. Schedule monthly treatments—aim for at least three—that will illuminate and firm your complexion. To prevent any last-minute irritation or bad reactions, skip extractions the month before. You could also go for the original skin care line, Proactiv.

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  1. Thou shall: SCHEDULE A TRIAL RUN (OR TWO)

To find a makeup artist who understands your style and will work well with you, schedule a consultation. Book at least six months ahead, and then schedule an additional trial two months before the wedding. You’ll be more settled in the planning and will have a better feel for how you want to look. After all, consultations are all about trying out different looks and get answers to your makeup questions.

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  1. Thou shall: MAKE YOUR MAKEUP LAST

You’ll want your makeup to hold up through every photo, dance and for those selfies.  The process of making your beautiful makeup last is usually a few more steps than you’re used to but if done correctly, by the time your be heading to bed, you’ll still look amazing.

FYI: This doesn’t mean your makeup should look or feel caked on!

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  1. Thou shall: STAY NEUTRAL (maybe)

You want your photos to be timeless! This means you’re going to want to go with a look that you won’t regret years down the road. One look that never fails: radiant skin, rosy cheeks, pink lips and some definition on the eyes. That’s doesn’t mean you can’t go with a classic red lip, you just have to be sure you’re comfortable and confident with you’re look.

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If you’re a big crier, you’re going to want to ensure that your lashes and mascara are waterproof and won’t be running down your face later in the day. Lashes give that added extra touch of glam – opening up your eyes and giving extra WOW to the eyes. But just because they’re false lashes, that doesn’t mean they need to look false.

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  1. Thou shall: PACK A TOUCH-UP KIT

Your big day will full of smiles, kisses and if you’re a dancing queen, a little or a lot of sweating. So pack a touch-up kit with the essentials—blush, translucent powder, cotton swabs, and tissues—ask your makeup artist for some ideas.

Pro Tip: if you have oily skin or plan on sweating, take a few paper towels from home in your purse. Pull a part a sheet and dab your face with the inside lining. The loose fibers will take away the oil/sweat and leave your face matte and looking fresh. (You’re welcome :D)

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  1. Thou shall: LEAVE ENOUGH TIME

This is how you schedule what time to get your makeup done: What time do you need to be completely ready by? 5pm? Ok, so you’re going to want an hour before that to get dressed, add your accessories, eat something light or even just sit and prepare for the night ahead. 4pm. Professional makeup takes about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes to complete, from moisturizer to lipstick. So you’re looking at about 2:30/2:45pm start time. Depending on the look you’re going for, it could take less or more time.

(Did you enjoy that math problem?)

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  1. Thou shall: ASK QUESTIONS!

When hiring a makeup artist, you want to know their work and make sure they’re the right fit for you! You should ask all the questions you have and see what tips and tricks and services they can provide you with!

If you have any questions after reading this blog, or want to contact me (Mystical’s makeup artist) contact us the office!

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PS – Book your consultations on a Friday or Saturday so that you can go out after your makeup is done and you get to look awesome!

If you need a makeup artist, contact me here at the office!

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