Make Out Of Town Guests Feel Like VIP’S!

Make Out Of Town Guests Feel Like VIP’S!

One of the most special parts about your wedding is how loved ones from all

around take the time and expense to attend because of what you mean to them.

They want to be involved in the best day of your life and want you to know how

important you are to them by coming, so you should want to make them feel just

as important as well. These guests are going the extra mile and investing their

time for you and placing your event into their calendar with months in advance.

Therefore, it is so important to add a few details to make them feel like VIP’S…

Hotel and Travel:

Though you are responsible to pay for the flight and

hotels, you can make it easier by recommending places for them to stay. Find a

few choices with hotels and have them work with you to get a special rate,

knowing that multiple people need a place to stay for your wedding. Hotels

usually give discounts or special offers for events like this because these hotels

can be located near the ceremony or reception sites. If you limit this to one or two

hotel, your guests can mingle. Make sure the hotel can offer you a hospitality

room that you can stock with essentials like snacks and beverages.

To get the best deals, try to reserve blocks of rates at special rates and keep in

mind any that are on a budget. Look for the hotels that can offer breakfast as well.

Essential Details and Surprises:

It is so simple to make an itinerary.

This can be mailed, put on a website, or given upon check-in to the hotel. Include

a list of area attractions to your visiting guests so that they can plan their activities

during their stay. You can list restaurants, tourist spots, places of worship, and

nightclubs. This way they can plan their free time accordingly.

In addition, have a gift basket delivered to each guest’s hotel room with items to

make them feel welcome. There’s nothing better than a tired traveler walking into

a hotel room and finding flowers, chocolates or any other treats or even homemade

cookies… These can include local treats or wine, also snacks, coloring books for

the kids, and even Advil just in case they partied to hard. For guests traveling with

children- make a toy related basket with activity books and kid snacks.

Getting Around:

Some guests will rent cars and others will need your help

getting around. People on a tighter budget will not want to rent a car. Ask local

friends and relatives to help transport and pick up at the hotels or ask the hotel if

they can provide a shuttle service to and from the airport as well as your event.

This being planned will take stress off our your guests and make them feel the

most comfortable.

Evening Entertainment:

Leading up to the main event, you may have

plenty to do, but out-of- town guests may not. Don’t leave them with nothing

to do. If many guests are showing up the night before the ceremony,

suggest ways they can stay amused while you hold the rehearsal dinner.

Ask a friend or relative to host a gathering or arrange to have everyone

meet together at a restaurant or bar. Be sure to supply a roster of your

favorite restaurants, shops, and local movie theaters as a thoughtful


Time In-Between:

Sometimes it’s not possible to have your reception

immediately follow your ceremony. If there will be a lengthy break between your

"I dos" and the party, try to come up with a game plan. Some people won't mind

going back to the hotel and kicking back. But others may be interested in touring.

Suggest a game of golf or a visit to a museum, or organize an excursion.

Quality Time:

Remember the reason that these travelers have come,

which is to see you, so make sure they do. Pull them aside for some one-

on-one attention and make it a point to tell them how much seeing them

means to you. Giving a toast to acknowledge those who have come from

afar or planning brunch the morning after the ceremony is a nice gesture.

It makes them feel personally welcomed and appreciated that they took

their time to attend and want to come.

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