How To: Make A Perfect “Just Married” Getaway!

How To: Make A Perfect “Just Married” Getaway!

How To: Make A Perfect “Just Married” Getaway!

Thinking of ways to impress your guests with the best wedding exit? The final departure is
the final experience guests will encounter so it is important to do something that is
memorable for all. There are so many options of the perfect getaway transportation for you
and your partner as you get ready to head to that honeymoon. If getaway transportation
isn’t your style there are many special ways your guests can send you off as well! Take your
time when choosing what exit works best for you since this is one moment you will surely
want to remember. Any exit sets the perfect stage for the best pictures that you will
defiantly want to frame in your new home together as newlyweds. Here are a few great
ideas to consider when thinking about the ultimate exit for your party or ceremony.

A List of Great Wedding Exit Ideas:

1. Blow that Bubbly!
Maybe one of the most popular ways on how to make your exit special is with a bunch of
bubbles floating in the air. Before it’s time to make that grand exit as the new couple make
sure to hand out bubbles to all your guests so they can have fun too by blowing bubbles
your way. Just imagine all those bubbles floating around you and your soul mate as you
make your exit. Everyone’s eye will be on you and your partner. It will sure be one picture
perfect moment that you don’t want to miss.

2. Light up the Lanterns
A cute way for your guests to wish the best for your future marriage is with lanterns flying
in the sky! When the final song comes on, pass out lanterns to each of your guests before
the both of you are ready to make your final exit. Once everyone is ready having each guest
light up their individual lanterns, and when the happy couple is ready it will be time to
make a wish and to release those lanterns in air. The sky will look so magical and
something out of this world.

3. Roll out the Royce!
Rent a Rolls Royce for the perfect getaway car. If your style is being more simple and
extravagant limos are not your thing just bring out the classy, old-fashioned, Rolls Royce.
This is a great way to impress your guests is by having that unique Rolls Royce waiting for
you outside. It’s totally classy and it will surely be a moment you will never forget. Who
wouldn’t want to take pictures right next to a Rolls Royce? Attach a “Just Married” sign on
the back for that extra touch. All eyes on the road will be on you that can make anyone feel
more special than ever. This may be a little bit more costly to have but it is totally worth the

4. Cruise out in the Harley!
If you’re an adventurous couple a motorcycle exit is the best choice! This is a totally sexy
look to hop on that motorcycle with your partner as you say goodbye to all your friends
and family. If you’re looking for something smaller and love that Italian look a Vespa is a
great option to bring to the party. It’s totally different especially here in the United States
where you don’t see them that often. It brings back that warm weather feel and the look is
such a vintage style. People are bound to turn their heads as you speed off in that cool
motorcycle or Vespa.

5. Make it a Cinderella Finale!
Happily ever after and don’t forget that glass slipper! You can make your wedding exit
something truly out of a fairytale to make it as magical as a Cinderella story. A horse and
buggy is such a unique style to take into consideration to make everyone’s mouth just drop
in awe. A horse and buggy exit is very romantic for the both of you to enjoy as you exit your
special party. Guests will have fun just looking at it. Why not go all out and rent a horse and
buggy to make it feel like something straight out of a movie. A horse and buggy or even
carriages tend to cost less money than any other type of transportation so why not take
advantage of it.

6. Pop that Champagne in the Limo!
A Limousine can make any couple feel like royalty. There are all sorts of limousines to
choose from such as the classic black stretch limo, the hummer limo, or even an all pink one
to make the bride feel extra happy. After the ceremony or reception you can head out on
the open road for the first time as newlyweds in a comfortable limo. Balloons are also an
extra accessory to have for insistence, as you open that limo door all balloons will come out
to surprise you and your guests. Here at Mystical Entertainment, we provide limousine
transportation services that may cater to your budget and we can help you choose the right
one that fits your exact style. Our transportation company is Entourage Transportation
Group where we offer plenty of cars from the old-fashion look, to party buses, to vans, and
we have numerous limos you can to choose from. We will promise to make your ride more
glamorous than ever before. Check out our transportation website at:

7. Bring your hobbies to the Aisle
For the adventurous couple or those with hidden talents, bringing your main hobbies to
your wedding is one grand exit people are sure to never forget. For example, if you're a
polite a helicopter exit ride might be the right choice to express your personality. Any type
of talent that expresses you two as a couple can defiantly be integrated into your wedding
exit. Even a sailboat, a hot air balloon, or if you like riding jet skis on the open sea is a
extraordinary, creative, option to send you two off as the new married happy couple. These
type of options may be a bit more pricey however, if it is something that you enjoy to the
fullest it is sure to be a well-worth surprise for all your loved ones.

8. Every party needs a little confetti and streamers!
A party isn’t a party without confetti and ribbon streamers. It brings more fun, color, and is
a great way to celebrate the new couple’s special day. Confetti poppers can be left at each
place setting for all guests and finally at the end of the party everyone can come together as
you and the love of your life both walk out of the reception venue to exit. During the grand
exit guests can pop the confetti or ribbon streamers towards the both of you. Make sure the
photographers are ready as well since this is a one-time moment where plenty of snaps will
be taken.

9. Spark it up!
Lights, Camera, Action….a great way to spice things up a little is to use sparklers or even
fireworks for a really glamorous exit that everyone will remember from your wedding.
Remember it's a celebration so why not make it a big gesture. Just minutes before the party
is going to end set off those fireworks as a grand finale of an amazing party. Everyone will
enjoy any firework show. If fireworks are too much, small sparklers are also a great option
to light up the show and to celebrate with the happy couple.

10. Setting the mood for a pretty exit
Roses are Red, Violets are blue so why not spread the love for all to see? Flowers are a great
way to express the love for one another and for all those in attendance. Whether your
leaving the ceremony or the reception spreading roses, gardenias, or even bright white
lilacs will be one photography setting you won’t want to miss out on. Having the reception
or ceremony steps filled with your favorite flowers will defiantly make one pretty exit
especially, during spring wedding when the birds are chirping. Here at Mystical
Entertainment we have a great florist on our staff that can help to set up the perfect floral
design to make your day even extra special and colorful.

All of these grand exits are just the many few that can be incorporated as you exit the party
or ceremony where you married the love of your life. Those final moments are the most
important and as guests are leaving they are more likely to remember what a spectacular
finale you brought to the party! Many of our services that we offer at Mystical
Entertainment can help to give your special day that extra touch to make that final moment
totally unforgettable!

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