Light Up Your Wedding the Right Way

Light Up Your Wedding the Right Way

The wedding or reception venue you choose should have all the amenities you need, but it may not have the right lighting. The placement, strength, and color of your lights can make a difference. As you put the finishing touches on your wedding, talk to a professional about how lighting can make your wedding experience even more beautiful. 

Create the Mood

It’s no secret that people’s moods are affected by lights. If you want to feel the romance of the wedding ceremony, you’ll want to keep lights dim and stick to warm shades of color like pinks, reds, and ambers. Strings of twinkling fairy lights can add a magical feel.

At the reception, you can be more dramatic with lighting by using strings of lights to create a canopy or curtain. In addition, up lighting rentals create a sophisticated look. To achieve this, place light fixtures on the floor and direct the lighting upwards along the wall.

Spotlight the Highlights

Spotlights, especially smaller pin spots, can be used to highlight the important elements of your wedding ceremony and reception: the wedding party, floral arrangements, the cake table, and so on. You can also use pin spots above each table to provide enough light for eating without disturbing the overall low-light ambience. 

You’ll also need focused lighting for the wedding speeches and toasts as well as for events like the couple’s first dance. Discuss these issues with both your lighting designer and your photographer for best results.

Liven the Party

When it’s time to party at your reception, the right lighting can liven the mood and get people moving. Brightly colored lights that move across the dance floor can add to the excitement of the party. Dimmer, slower lighting can create a romantic mood for slow dances.

Your band or DJ will probably have preferences and may bring their own lighting equipment for the stage and the dance floor. Special light machines can create shapes or be synced with the beat of the music.

When planning, lighting is often overlooked, but it can affect the look and feel of your wedding or reception. It can also affect the quality of your photography or videography. To light up your wedding the right way, discuss your needs with a professional.

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